Welcome to Our Ruff Life

Woof! Here we are. We’re Max & Rubie, and we’re the glue that holds those crazy humans at Americana Winery together. Americana is a fun winery where humans gather (and often bring their dogs to hang out with us — which we like) in the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes. Interlaken to be precise. We allow them to have music, parties and a cafe — all of which is to allow us opportunity for food and fun.

6 comments on “Welcome to Our Ruff Life”

  1. We LOVE Americana winery and your beautiful labs. When Max and Rubie are ready for younger brother or sister be sure to contact us at http://www.owascovalleyretrievers.com.

  2. Living in Florida and we miss two things, are friends and Americana

  3. Love Max & Rubie, you are awesome dogs!

  4. I love Labs! Best dogs ever! We had a chocolate lab named Kipper. Beautiful dogs & great companions!

  5. Thinking of Max & Rubie, sitting under our table out on the patio always makes me smile; without question, one of the handsomest couples I have met in a long time.

  6. Dog friendly is awesome!! Say my poodles! See you in the spring when we can play outdoors.

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