Weekend Tails

By: max n rubie

Mar 22 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Awaiting friends (and snacks) right on the steps!

Hey everyone! Rubie here!

If you didn’t come to see us at Americana last weekend, what a weekend you missed! It was like summer! Seriously! I got a LOT of swimming in in the pond. Felt great. Cooled me right down, I can tell you!

Anyway, the action really moved outside last weekend thanks to the warm weather. And of course that meant picnicking and kids running around on the grass. And you know what that means. Snacks right down at our level! Oh and did we score big!


Even the band came outside on Sunday. The Cayuga Blue Notes played the gazebo which was packed with people enjoying the tunes, yummy wines (well ok, we’re told they’re yummy — we’re more into water beverages ourselves) and of course a ton of food from the Cafe. The wait staff was hopping for sure. But they didn’t drop a thing, so we had to rely on the kindness of guests. And I’m happy to report they didn’t disappoint.

People on the grass means food near the ground. Yes!!

People on the grass means food near the ground. Yes!!


Folks were singing and dancing. It was just a great time! Even Max whipped out his dancing paws. Check out some of his moves! My boy sure knows how to shake his groove thing!

Max wagging his groove thing!

Max wagging his groove thing!

Okay, so if you missed the fun last weekend, here’s the dealio for this coming weekend. First off Friday supposed to still be just as gorgeous so that means Nate & Friends will be out in the gazebo from 6-8pm.

Then Saturday we are rocking “Say Cheese & More” with Kenton’s Cheese Co. and his crazy good brie. Chefs Lindsay and Jen have changed the recipe to really highlight his cheese even more. They’re making an apple onion chutney to drizzle over the brie. And of course that can pair with a lot of different wines here, but I keep hearing everyone talking about Chardonnay. So I guess we’ll have to see on that.

Then on Sunday, we’ll wrap up “Say Cheese & More” with Kenton again. Of course there’s brunch from 11-3. That’s a feeding frenzy for Max and me. Then an hour off, and Purple Valley hits the gazebo (hopefully anyway as long as this crazy weather holds) from 4-6.

So listen, get your tickets to “Say Chese & More.” I’m hearing you can get them through the trail office, or at the door right here. And just to let you know, Max and I are both hoping the “More” means more snacks!

Cya then!


Max & Rubie

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