Happy Easter

By: max n rubie

Apr 05 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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A big woof out from the winery!

Max & Rubie here!

Well, it’s been kinda wacky in the weather department this week. Freezing one day, warmer the next. We know Dad and the winery team has been watching the vines like hawks. But the good news is, so far so good. Although they’re saying it’s gonna get frosty again tonight. So keep your fingers crossed, and we’ll keep our paws crossed.

Last weekend was rainy and icky, so we thought we’d have an easy day of it. You know being the greeters can be a tough gig! (That’s us above: Doing what we do. Greeting our visitors. (And checking their pockets for snacks.)) 

But we were packed Friday night for the concert and again on Sunday, and all the time in between. Must be you guys were all coming in to stock up on your Easter wine and fudge for your Easter baskets. Well, whatever the reason, we were glad to see you! Rubie was actually wiped out from working so hard. Here she is, caught napping on the job!


Rubie, sleeping on the job, behind the counter.
Hope they don't dock her paycheck!

So Easter’s coming this weekend, and as with any holiday, it’s a big food day here this Sunday with Chefs Lindsay and Jen creating some special treats for the Easter Brunch. Needless to say, we couldn’t be more excited, because guess who gets to help taste test? Yup us! (Okay, well when no one’s looking.)

Dave Raducha and his group is here to kick off the holiday weekend with music from 6-8. Leean & Gary Reynolds wind down the weekend Easter Sunday from 4-6. And in between, we’ll be accepting Easter baskets filled with doggie treats. Expect to see this look from both of us…

Max looking for snax at the concert. (Notice how he's blocking me from all the action! --Rubie)

Oh, here’s a couple of updates you guys might like to know about…

Joe N. is back!! He came back this past weekend, having recovered from his eye surgery, and we’re so glad to see him. He’s freakin awesome, and is always sneakin us a goodie or two!

And speaking of back, we’re back on Twitter! We’re still not sure what happened, but they put us back up, so who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth? Come bark with us at @MaxnRubie. We’ll be expecting you.

So, that’s what’s waggin around here. Seriously, come to see us this weekend. You’ll get to see us in our new collars, an Easter present from our Dads! We’ll see ya in a couple days! And if you can’t make it in, have a great and safe holiday with your other family!


Max & Rubie

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