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By: max n rubie

Apr 11 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Howdy everybody!

Max here with a big woof from the winery!

How was your holiday weekend? Ours rocked! We got new collars from the Easter Bunny. (Yawn.) But great treats too! That’s us, above, waiting patiently for our Easter baskets. That’s Rubie’s new collar. Dad says he got her the same one like she just had because she’s only gonna dive in the pond or roll in something unsavory and ruin it anyway. I on the other hand, got a very handsome design – quite Harlequin-esque actually – that really shows off my shiny coat. See below please. That’s me rockin my new look.

Max sporting his spankin new Easter collar.

As a lot of you know it was also Butch’s birthday this past weekend, which of course meant lots of cake for us. Listen, any excuse for a party (and party favors) works for us!

We also had another Easter surprise, in the form of two four legged visitors.  Ashley, who works in our tasting room found two doggies running along the side of the road on her way in Easter Sunday. So she scooped em up and brought em to the winery to visit with me n Rubes while she figured out who they belonged to. Well Ashley’s a good detective and tracked down their mom and dad, who came to pick em up. A happy ending for shur.

Our Easter visitors. We put em to work, looking for Easter eggs, while Ashley tracked down their mom n dad.

We’re also happy to report another happy ending. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you know we’ve been trying to help Snow White, a really cute little German Shepard/Greyhound mix who’s been at Lollypop Farm for a year while her abuse case has been in the courts. (Yeah, ok, I may have a little crush on her.) Anyway, she got adopted this week! Yay! But listen, she was only 1 of 150 animals rescued from that place. And many of them still need homes! So if you’re looking for a four legged buddy, get in touch with Lollypop Farm at 585-223-1330 and ask about the animals from the Riga farm. There’s all kinds a kids that need a loving family like we have. Kitty cats, dogs, horses, even little piggies. So help em out if you’re near the Rochester area.

Snow White! Cute, right? See why I'm crushing on her? - Max

We really are lucky to have such a great home, and we’ve been talking to Dad about doing more here at the Winery to help out our 4-legged friends who aren’t as fortunate — yet. So stay tuned, because we’re putting together a fundraising program for our local SPCAs to help take care of these guys while they’re waiting for their new families to come and take them home.

So all in, a great week so far. Lots happened, and lots coming up! If you’re coming to visit us this weekend we’ve got Bob & Dee here Friday from 6-8 and Blue Skies on Sunday from 4-6. Sp don’t forget your dancing shoes (and snax – NEVER forget snax). Hopefully it will warm up and we can get the concerts back outside!

If you can’t get here, we’ve got some offsite events coming up, maybe in your neck of the woods:

4/14 – 2nd Annual Local Food & Travel Expo, One Hanson Place in Brooklyn
4/14 – Titanic Wine and Chocolate Festival at the Stanley Theater in Utica
4/19 – 12th Annual Wine & Food Fest at the Roberson Museum in Binghamton
4/20 – In-store wine tasting with Joe Glendale Wine & Spirits in Endicott
4/21 – The Utica Wine & Chocolate Festival at the Utica Auditorium
4/26 – United Way of Seneca Taste of Spring at the Holiday Inn, Waterloo

So mark your calendars if any of these events are close to you. Or gas up your car and come to see us at the Winery. And if you’re coming to visit, don’t forget treats!

Until next week,

Woof woof!

Max N Rubie



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