To Swim or Not to Swim…

By: max n rubie

Apr 20 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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That is the question here at the winery this week!

A woof out to everyone on this gorgeous evenin from your bud Max! (Rubie’s here too, but she’s nappin — not much help with this quite frankly, moral support aside.)

Well it looks like spring has finally sprung around here! The buds are out on the vines and the trees. And of course with the warmth comes Rubie’s unquenchable desire to swim in the pond. That’s where she spent most of the day today in fact. (See, she’s all soakin wet in the picture above.)

I’ll tell ya, ya don’t want to be this close to her after several hours in the pond. She smells like a sweaty sock. I hope Dads make her sleep outside tonight.

She did take a little time off from her aquatic adventures to help me out in the winery today, greeting folks and scammin snax. Nice to see she put in a little time on the job! But then she had to take a little sun bath before going for another swim, so I really had very little of her attention today. Sigh, it’s like this every spring around here, til she gets it out of her system.

Rubie sunbathing on the deck. She said she was working greeting customers, but I have photographic evidence to the contrary. -- Max

Dads are in Binghamton tonight at the Wine & Food Fest at the Roberson Museum with Joe N. so they’re in for a surprise when they get home and see her sprawled out all stinky and damp on the couch. Ew-hew, they are not gonna be happy. Maybe I’ll get extra treats for being the good one. Ha-HAH!

So the gang has a busy weekend comin up fer shur, just like last weekend! Brendan & Ryan were in Brooklyn last weekend and can I tell you? They didn’t even bring us back any pizza!! Not too happy about that I can tell ya. And then there was that Titanic Wine & Chocolate Fest in Utica. No one ever stays home anymore it seems. Which is okay, I guess cuz that means we have less supervision, so we can get away with a lot more – heh heh.

But back to this weekend… They’ve got a Friday Night Tasting at Glendale Wine & Spirits in Endicott Friday and the Utica Wine & Chocolate Festival Saturday. So if you can’t make it here (with treats might I remind you), maybe you can swing in and visit everyone there.

Of course, Rubes and I would prefer it if you came here to hang with us. I will dance for snax for you Friday night with the Zydeco Trai Riders from 6-8. Love me my zydeco music! Shur hope Chefs Lindsay and Jen are gonna make up some Louisiana-style treats to celebrate. Mmm-mmm. Then Sunday, I can be convinced with goodies to get down to Purple Valley from 4-6. I’m a dancer. I gotta dance.

Rubie’s a swimmer. She’s gotta swim. Not just swim, but scavenge too. I really can’t get over how much time she spend in the water. Look at what she dredged out of the pond today! Crazy kid.

What on earth did she find now?

So let’s see. What else. Well we’re still working on our SPCA fundraising tasting event here. And oh yeah, Wine & Herb is coming up on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail at the end of April. That’s always a good time. Two weekends worth of a good time (and extra snax — new friends are always the easiest to convince to feed us — they don’t know not to look into our hynotic eyes).

Well, guess I’m gonna venture over to the Cafe and see what they’re cooking up while Rubie finishes up her nap. Wish I had thumbs so I could open up the windows and air her out…

Hope to see you guys this weekend. I know I don’t have to remind you, but we will be happily accepting all edible handouts…

Woof out!

Max & Stinky Girl (Rubie)

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