A Paws Between Events

By: max n rubie

May 03 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Haha, I just crack myself up!

Rubie here with a woof from the Winery.

Max told me I had to write the blog this week cuz he did it last time. He said he’s gonna take a nap and will expect it done by the time he wakes up. Slave driver. A girl shouldn’t haveta work so hard. Ah such is my life.

Ha HAH Max! Last time you blew me in for sleepin on the job. Payback’s a — well you know!

Well this gives me something to do while I dry off. (That’s me dryin off above.) Yup been in for refreshin little dip in the old pond this afternoon. It helps me de-stress. And I needed it. It’s been nutz around here the last few weeks. And of course now that we’re into Riesling Month, it’s even crazier! The kids in the Winery do blind Riesling tastings with cheese pairings. (Cheese=snax!) And cases are flyin out the door cuz they run a free shipping on cases, half shipping on half cases, so we’re always duckin and weavin so we don’t get mowed down. Plus Chef Jen created homemade pear Riesling sorbet which they serve up at the Cafe. And it’s ridiculous! I snuck a little and am madly in love, even though I gave myself brain freeze. But it’s a mad celebration of the Finger Lakes signature beverage around here!

It was great to see everyone last weekend at Wine & Herb! And of course, weekend 2 is right around the corner. Max and I really have to be on our game, cuz we have soooooo many people to greet and work for snax!

Which brings me to a very important point. Many of you who buy the yummy fudge when you’re here won’t give us any. Yes, we know. We get it. We can’t have chocolate. But listen, that’s no excuse. How hard is it to throw a little bag of treats in the car before you head our way? Especially if you’re bringing your pooch for a visit with us. (They’re always welcome you know — Max and I love four legged company.) But I digress. We like bones and biscuits and CHEESE which by the way they have here at the Winery in case you “forget” to pack a snak for us. Honestly, we’re pretty cheap entertainment. We gladly work for food. And with all the greeting and running around that’s required of us in our job description, a pooch could use a little sustenance — know what I’m sayin?

One of our 4-legged visitors during Wine & Herb. He couldn’t wait to get out of the car to come hang with Max and me!

So back to Wine & Herb. Our Herb here is oregano and Chef Lindsay and her food magicians created a Greek Pasta Salad to show it off. We’ve heard good things about it. And would like to point out no one has given us any. So if you’re coming this weekend, it would be lovely if you’d slip us a little so we can judge for ourselves.

Speaking of our fave Chefs, and food (seriously, when are we NOT speaking about food?) the Cafe is now open 7 days a week for your dining (and treating us) pleasure! Today Dad had a lamb burger which smelled so good I came up from the pond to see if I could coyly, cutely, subtly convince him to let me try it. Max said I was as subtle as a freight train, putting my head in his lap, and pawing at his leg. What’s a girl to do? I needed to make sure he knew I was interested in having a little nosh. Max said I’d get further if I pretended I didn’t want anything. I told him to go pound salt. Dad’s not a mind reader, I said. Well long story short, I did get a little taste and it was fabu! LOVE the Cafe being open every day! Add to that the tables are out on the deck, and my chances of getting little treats go up exponentially! Max says I need to be more dignified like him. I told him, don’t judge me. It works for me. He says I’m kinda pathetic. Phhht. What does he know?

Lunch + Deck = Additional Mooching Opportunities! Yum, yum, yummers!

So yes, I did say the tables were out. Which is kinda amazing seeing as how the weather has been abso-friggin-lutely nuts. 80s one day. Snowing the next. And then two nights of heavy freeze. I inspected the vines for Dad after the snow (yes I am more than just a pretty face, I’m a workin girl) and they seemed good. After the deep freeze, Dad and the winery crew went out to really give them a once over. I guess the problem is is that even though right now they appear pretty good for what they’ve been through, we won’t know fer shure til into the growing season if there’s any hidden damage. So we’re keepin our paws crossed. Not just fur us but fur other wineries in the Finger Lakes. Oy.

Lendin a paw, by checkin the vines. Don’t even need boots to do it!

But the good news is it’s warm now and they say it’s gonna stay that way for a while. So that means maybe the concerts will be outside in the pavilion this weekend. Friday night (6-8) is a new band here, The Grady Girls. They’re Irish music. That should be kinda fun!! They sent us a link in case we wanted to listen to what we can expect. Really cool. Max, the dancer, shook his tail while we listened, so that’s a really good endorsement right there. Here have a listen

Sunday afternoon (4-6) is the crowd fave Blue Skies. Laid back jazz is a perfect way to wrap up Wine & Herb. Makes me wish I had a beret and fingers to snap. I think I’d look quite cute in a ber–

–whhooop! Max is up and barkin, so I gotta jet. Must be dinner time!

Hey see ya this weekend. And again, SNAX. We love em. We want em. We always accept em.


Rubie & Max

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