A Yowl Out to Our Family & Friends

By: max n rubie

May 10 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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A woof out from the winery this fine Wednesday in the middle of Riesling Month!

Max here! And you all know where Rubie is right? Yup in the pond. Dad sez we’re gonna need to check her for gills! Heh!

Rubes taking a break from her swim to wrestle with somethin on the side of the pond.

Speaking of which, yesterday was Dad’s birthday! Rubie brought him a gift. Something dead she found in the field. Yuk. I on the other hand gave him something he could really use. His side of the bed back — for the night. I’ll be reclaiming it this evening. Birthday’s over, and things will be returning to normal around here.

Things are settling down a little bit in other ways too. Wine & Herb is over. What fun that event always is! We met SO MANY new and cool people and four-legged friends to add to our inner circle. We thought we’d share some of our new friends with you guys.

First there was this little guy. He couldn’t wait to get out of the truck and hang with us. What a sweet kid he was. Short though, with little skinny legs to hold him up.

Our new friend with his humans. He spent Friday evening with us. Taught him some fancy food dancin.

But he could dance. He and I danced to the Grady Girls on Friday night. This was the first Friday we were outside in the pavilion for the concert. And there were lots of kids dancing. Very cute.

The Grady Girls makin their debut appearance in the Americana Pavilion. They played very cool Irish music, great for Irish Step Dancing. If you think that’s cool when people do it you should see four legged step dancers!

So I taught my new bud the food dance. Basically, you dance up to the kids and get them to join in. They usually have food in their hands. So one of you distracts them with your fine moves and the other one nudges the food gently out of their hands. The key is to make it look like an accident  — like “oops, sorry didn’t mean to bump into you.”  The kids usually giggle and drop what they have in their hands (said food – aka the target of our mission). And then we nonchalantly gobble it up and continue to groove. It’s really a win win for everyone involved. Fun game for the kids. Good eats for us.

Speaking of good eats, we wanted to show you the proper snacking protocol when you come to visit. Below is our friend Mimi. She and Bill come to hang with us every weekend, and a few times during the week sometimes. Depends on how busy they are. And here’s the thing. They always pack a few snax for us, and they don’t even have dogs! I heard Mimi telling someone that she keeps snax at the house just to bring with her when she comes to see us. Now, THAT’S what we’re talking about! That’s just a great friend right there! No two ways about it.

Enjoying some treats from our friend Mimi. She always brings us something good!

Someone else who is kind enough to give us little treats is our very own Brendan. He always shares his food with us. We love that about him! But he’s in Germany this week with some other friends, traveling around the wine regions. We can’t wait to hear a report on Rieslings from the native soil. Also we are hoping he brings home some Muenster Cheese (they’re going to Muenster, so that just makes sense right?) and maybe some brockwurst and spaetzle. We mentioned he should probably bring a refrigerated suitcase to bring home edible souvenirs. Hopefully he paid attention.

While we’re on the subject of getting someone’s attention we made some new four-legged friends who really got our attention! They just strolled right up to the winery and me and Rubes got to hang out! They were some honking, big dogs fur shur. So big people could actually sit on top of em like moving chairs.

The horses

Look who stopped by to visit with us this week!! A few of our nay-bors! Haha!

I hope no one gets any ideas from that. We do not give rides (for the record). Some days I think Rubie has all she can do to haul herself around. Heh!

Oh and we wanted to show you our neighbor from Cabin View Alpacas right down the road. She went driving by with her dad this week and we’re hopin she stops in for a visit. She’d be some kinda fun to hang out with. Look how cute she is. Rubie wants to know if those curls are natural or a perm. Guess we’ll have to wait til she comes to visit.

And, when are YOU coming to visit? We are on the door this weekend if you want to stop by. Just drop us a treat and we’ll let you right in! Friday night is Dee Specker and the Lone Rangers for happy hour (6-8) and Sunday, Mother’s Day, The Yardvarks are back from 4-8. And remember to bring your  Moms with you Sunday because they’ll get a flower at the winery and at the Cafe. I’m sure Chefs Jen and Lindsay are cooking up something special for them too. Rubie and I are on sampling duty to help them develop their special menu. (They don’t know that yet, but they will. Hahaha!)

In fact, I’m gonna mosey over to the Cafe right now and let them know. (And see if thee are any goodies layin around they might want to part with.)

So, hopefully we’ll see you over the weekend. If not Happy Mother’s Day!

Woof out!

Max & Fish Girl (Rubie)

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