Head Out on the Highway

By: max n rubie

May 18 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Evenin All! Rubie here woofin it up at the winery with Max.

Usually we talk about what happens here, but once in a while, Dads let us take the Max n Rubie show out on the road. So we thought we’d share our recent road trip with you.

It seems everyone is running around a lot lately. Today, we were at the Lilac Festival. Wow! What a gorgeous day in Rochester. I couldn’t find any water for swimming though, so that was a bit disappointing, but it was lovely. And lots of cool people to meet too!

Lilac Festival today! Hanging out with our friends in Rochester!

The other day, we decided to go out and visit our friends at some of the other wineries. Here we are getting ready of to head out! Come ON Dads!

Ready for our road trip Dads! Did you pack a cooler of snax for us?

First stop Sheldrake. We know they have lots of dogs running around up at the back barns, but we didn’t get that far so that was a drag.

Next we headed over to Knapp. They have lots of cats and ducks. And where there are ducks there is water. The ducks wouldn’t let me go swimming with them, which I found a bit unhospitable. But the cats were fun. They took us for a run through the vineyards looking for the peacocks.

Knapp’s ducks are like vigilantes about anyone getting in their pond. Punks.

Next stop, Swedish Hill to see Doobie. We love Doobie, their mascot. And Doobie’s got a great pond for swimming, but Dad gave me the eye, meaning no swimming for you young lady. Hmph.

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIEEEEEEEEE! PS Doobie was eating, we were not. Hmph!

On our way into town to pick up some goodies for the winery, we made a new mobile friend. She was out enjoying the beautiful day too, like us!

“I’m riding in my car. Turn up the radio…” Hahaha!

Our final stop was Lively Run Goat Dairy. We heard that they had 20 kids this week and wanted to stop by and check out the babies for ourselves. Wow were they cute! They have the most adorable little feet! And such cute little faces! Noisy though.

Like at these cute kids! They hop like rabbits! And bounce like springs! So funny!

Then it was time to get back to the winery because we were having company. Kenton from Kenton’s Cheese Company stopped by with his lovely brie cheese to figure out wine pairings for it for Memorial Day Weekend. He’ll be here all weekend for the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail Open House. We’re hosting him! That will be fun! He always slips us nibbles of that cheese when he’s here. We’ll be pairing his cheese with a red and a white and the gang all got together the other night to figure out which ones. I’m not going to tell you. It will be a surprise. Plus they’re going to package the wine with the cheese and crackers, so you can head right out to a picnic. (May we suggest our back yard? You can bring a blanket and spread out. And feel free to give Max and I a few scraps.)

While the gang was trying to figure out which red and white to pair with Kenton’s brie, we were trying to figure out how to slip it off the table. Heh heh!

As Max mentioned last week, we’re doing wine and cheese pairing all month in honor of Riesling Month. This weekend we’ll have Muranda Cheese Co.’s Aged British Cheddar paired with our Rieslings. Yum! We love that stuff too! Feel free to let a few crumbles of it fall nonchalantly to the ground for your favorite winery pooches. Wink wink.

Even though Max and I are back at the winery for the rest of the week, some of the other folks are not. Brendan’s still out of the country doing the Germany thing and we miss him. Tomorrow some of the group is heading to Ithaca for a tasting at the Holiday Inn. Then Saturday they’re back on the road to the Greek Peak Wine Festival. Busy busy week!

But fear not folks, Max and I will be here holding down the fort. Tomorrow night, we’ll be hosting The Tarps for happy hour from 6-8. And if the weather’s anything like it is today, we’ll definitely be out in the Pavilion again! So feel free to bring the kids for dancing with Max, and snackies with me. Then Sunday, one of Max’s absolute favorites is here. The Zydeco Trail Riders bring their Louisiana style tunes our way from 4-6. That is such cool music! Do you like Zydeco? So unique. Plus you can play Zydeco with a spoon. (See how it all comes full circle to food?)

Doesn’t this look like fun? Come on out and play with us. We’ll be here!

Oh and speaking of that, Dad’s calling us for dinner so we’ll see you over the weekend. Remember bring snax, kids and four legged friends!


Rubie and Max

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