BIG DOINS at the Winery this Weekend!

By: max n rubie

May 25 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Woof woof woof! Feed me!

(Look for these eyes this weekend, and feel free to separate yourself from whatever snack yer munching on and give it to the mouth attached below them.)

Hahaha! Max here! Gotta make this quick because as you can imagine, with the 80 degree sunny days we’ve had this week, Her Royal Amphibianess has only had eyes for the pond. And that means she’s left me on the door almost every day this week, doing double duty greeting and mooching work. PLUS I’ve bee helping out the kids at the Winery and the Cafe get ready for the BIG weekend we’ve got coming. It’s basically gonna be a 3-day wine, food and music fest around here and I can’t wait! But I will tell you right now, Fish Girl better grow her land legs and pull her weight around here cuz I can’t do it all myself!

She swims. I work. (And dance when time and bands permit!) – Max

So where to start. Hmm okay. Since I’m a dancin machine I wanna start with the three — that’s right I said THREE — bands we’re havin here this weekend.

Maplewood Jazz kicks things off Friday night from 6-8 in the Pavilion. This ultra cool group plays ultra smooth jazz — great for paw tapping and head boppin. Very exctied for these guys!

Sunday we have Purple Valley in the Pavilion from 4-6. More classic, easy rock style. Good for tail and tushy waggin.

And then Monday, we have a bonus concert! Go Gone will be rocking out with their original rock tunes from 3-6 in the Pavilion!

Go Gone is part of our Memorial Day blow out! We’re havin a BBQ/Cookout all Monday afternoon from 12-6. Chefs Jen & Lindsay and their team are comin outside and firing up the grill for the day. 13 bux get you an entree, two sides and a drink. Here’s the menu:

Choose one entree:
-Burger (to order)
-Andouille with peppers & onions
-Pulled pork w/ coleslaw
Get two sides:
-Mashed Potato Salad
-Baked Beans
Choose a drink:
-iced tea
-bottled water

Our last big BBQ was our 30th last July. We’ll be doing another big 4th of July party again this year too!

If you came to hang out with us last year for our 30th bash, it’s the same set up as that. And Dad says come early to make sure ya get what ya want. Rubie and I have already been told we only get one plate, no seconds. So that means we’ll be happy to help relieve you of your scraps. Oh and bring lawn chairs and blankets so you can settle in for the afternoon. Bring a frisbee or ball or games. We’ve got plenty of lawn. And Rubes and I will play with ya! Of course Rubes will be swimming on and off (I know I said she better not, but I’m a realist.) Maybe she’ll put on a synchronized swimming show for us. Then of course, the band kicks in at 3, and I’m sure I can be persuaded to dance (by persuaded I mean fed).

What fun the last big outdoor bash was! This weekend should be a great party too! What a great way to kick off summer!

Now Saturday and Sunday are no slouches either! This weekend is the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail‘s Open House. And we’ll be hosting Kenton’s Cheese Co. and his way yummers brie. He’s very good about sneaking us a treat or two so we’ll be hovering around him quite a bit Saturday and Sunday. And being the consummate hosts we are, the team has picked a red and a white wine to pair his cheese with during his tastings. Plus they’ve put together special packages of wine and cheese so you can stock up or head for the grass and have a little picnic! On top of that Chef Lindsay has created a wonderful brie omelette with his cheese that you can scarf down during brunch on Sunday. (Again, feel free to give Rubie and I any part of it that you can’t finish.)

Kenton’s brie omelette available for your dining (and treating) pleasure, Sundays at brunch! Yum!!

Kenton will be out on the porch between the winery and the cafe. And inside the gang will be doing blind Riesling tastings at the bar. Riesling month is winding down, so come and try them all! And Dad wanted me to mention there’s free shipping on a case or half shipping on half cases through the end of the month if you want to send a little Americana Riesling love to your friends and fam who can’t get here to hang with us.

Whew! That took longer than I thought! And here comes sog monster up from the pond so it must be dinner time.  It’s grub and early to bed for us tonight. We’ve got a busy weekend ahead! And listen, we’ll expect to see you this weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

Woof out!

Max and The Swamp Thing (Rubie)

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