Tails of the Weekend

By: max n rubie

May 31 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Woofies from the Winery, gang! And Laura N., this is especially for you! (Please see pic of Rubie workin her mojo for snax, above.)

Rubie and Max here!

We had SUCH a crazy weekend last weekend, we thought we’d catch you up in case you weren’t able to join us! And feed us, because snack opportunities abounded last weekend like we haven’t seen in a long time. Folks played loose and fast with their chow last weekend, and we were the definite beneficiaries! Hope that becomes the norm rather than a holiday weekend thang.

Probably the reason was we had three concerts last week instead of our usual two. And they were all out in the Pavilion because the weather was just unbelievable all weekend. And three bands means three times the snacking opportunities right there!

Maplewood Jazz played Friday night…

…Purple Valley did their thing Sunday…

…and Go Gone finished up the weekend with a bonus concert on Memorial Day

On top of that, we had that cheese makin guy Kenton back. We hosted him Saturday and Sunday for the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail Open House.

Kenton and his Mom in the calm before the storm Saturday. See that piece of cheese Kenton’s holding? Let’s just say it wasn’t long for this world after the picture was taken. — Max

He was so busy he didn’t even notice us sneakin in a few tastes of our own. That brie of his is just lip-smacking super duper. People couldn’t get enough of it. Neither could we! Even the cats got in on that action!

Look at Alex givin me the eye when I was trying to circle in behind Kenton for a little cheesey sustenance! — Rubie

And Monday, Memorial Day we had a cookout! That’s a guaranteed feeding frenzy! Chefs Lindsay and Jen and their amazing team outdid themselves with holiday cookout fare. And with a cookout comes kids. And with kiddies comes all kinds of dropped food! We worked it like Hoovers on Monday!

Memorial Day Cookout!! Woof, woof! We’re lovin us some burgers!

It was Cornell graduation weekend on top of it being a holiday which means the winery and cafe were extra packed. Folks were three deep at the tasting bar and upstairs for the blind Riesling tastings. Not to mention, we release our 2011 Baco Noir, which folks went nutz for! Almost made us wish we were wine drinkers! It was so much fun to meet all the grads and their ‘rents! People were snapping their pix with us right and left probably because we’re so darn cute. Of course we do photo shoots gratis, just a little edible donation is appreciated. (Feel free to remember that when you come to visit.)

And of course, now that the summer is here, we have extended hours at the winery. We’re open til 8 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays like the Cafe all the way through Labor Day. That’s two extra hours of feeding opportunities. Ooooo we love that!

As the song goes “This is how ya do it baby.” Check out the technique. First some sad eyes. Then a little lip smackin action. Followed by a tentative paw to the lap. Food follows almost immediately. Well played Rubie. Well played!

In fact we had so much going on, Rubie barely got any swimming in. She did get a dip Friday night and early Saturday morning, but beyond that her recreational bathing regime was sparse. (And speaking from someone who has to smell her after she comes out of that water, I was pretty thankful. I was way too busy greeting folks to be deodorizing her so people wouldn’t run away! Hahaha — Max)

Anyway, with all that going on, by the time Monday night hit, we were wiped! We hit the house, found our fave spots on the rug, and crashed like the stock market. We didn’t wake up til Tuesday! Didn’t even go on our usual nightly prowl for snax!

We grew roots on the rug Monday night. Didn’t budge an inch til Tuesday!

Tuesday the weather was crazy. Hot and humid like August in the morning. In fact, Rubes spent most of the morning languishing in the pond, while I sort of lazed around chasing down shady spots to snooze in. Then the craziest storms ever blew threw in the afternoon. Hail, wind, thunder, lightning. It was downright nerve wracking. Some folks came in and said they thought a tornado went through Seneca Falls. And all the wineries are out checking to make sure the hail didn’t do too much damage. It’s been a crazy tough season on the vines, that’s fer shur. But hopefully things’ll settle down and Mother Nature can work her magic on the grapes.

Speaking of settling down, this weekend’s gonna be a little less crazy around here. We’ve got The Tarps Friday from 6-8 and Cool Club of Hector Sunday from 4-6. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and we can be outside in the Pavilion for both. Because as we’ve mentioned, when we’re outside, our food scammin opps go up exponentially.

You know who’s got a busy weekend this weekend? Joe N. He’s off to Vestal Friday for a tasting from 4-7 at Vestal Wine & Liquor. If you’re in the area, swing by and say hi. You can leave him snax for him to bring back to the winery for us if you’re so inclined.

Memorize this wonderful face if you don’t know it already! This is our Joe N. and he’ll be out and about all weekend!

Then Saturday he has one of his very fave events. Wine in the Wilderness at the Utica Zoo from 6-9. He says folks have so much fun drinking and sampling food among all the cool animals. Plus from 7-9:30 we’re doing a tasting at the Kitchen Theatre in Ithaca for the opening night of “Waiting for Spring.”

So the long and the short of it is, if you can’t get here, there’s lots of places this weekend where you can find us near you. But as you know, we’d rather you swung into the winery for a visit. Listen, your visits keep me and Rubes busy. It’d be awfully boring around here without you. So get in the car (packed with treats for us of course) and come see us this weekend. We’ll be waiting!

Woof out!

Max n Rubie

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