An Ode to Four Legs

By: max n rubie

Jun 07 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Woof out from the Winery all!

Max here, up early (while Rubie sleeps) with a midweek shout out to all our four legged friends (and a couple of two legged ones too).

As you guys probably remember Joe N. worked Wine in the Wilderness last weekend at the Utica Zoo, and it got me thinkin about how lucky Rubes and I are. No cages. No boundaries. And honestly, Dads and the whole winery and cafe gang treat us pretty darn good. Yeah we might kvetch about having to work all the time, but the truth is we LOVE it! We get to meet so many cool people and lots of four-legged friends because of our roles as winery ambassadors! We thought we’d share some of our buds with you…

Last Friday, the weather was cruddy which meant we had to have the band inside. But The Tarps were awesome and rocked the small barn.

The Tarps rocked it Friday, despite the rain!

And a couple of our furry friends came for the concert and got their dance on. Look at this little guy. Loved him! He can come back and shake, wiggle and wag with me any day (cuz you know I loves me dancin).

My new dancin buddy! Check out them moves!

Sunday was kinda cruddy too, and we had lots of four legged friends in to visit that day too. Seems to be a recurring theme — that we love by the way. Our guest of honor Sunday was Connor, quite a spunky little lad who belongs to our Twitter friend Laura Nichols who came in with Connor for a visit!

Our new bud Connor, and his mom Laura. Look at the face on that kid! Yeah, we could definitely get him a gig around here!

We loved meeting him and hooked him up with some of our other buds cause he fit right in. He told us on Twitter that he thinks we have a pretty cool gig. Yup he’s right. No denyin that. But we told him he could come back and work the room with us any time he was in the area.

Old friends make new friends this past Sunday!

Monday, I went for a ride with Dad down to the Country Side Amish Market to check out what kind of goodies I could scrounge, and look who I met there!

But I’m gonna tell ya, not the friendliest chap. Got nothing but attitude from him. Makes me think ya gotta have fur to be down to earth. Hah!

Dude with a tude! Beauty is only skin deep for him – or feather deep as the case may be.

Speaking of attitude, and maybe this shoots my theory to h. e. double hockey sticks, but the cats have been a little out of control around here lately. ‘Member Memorial Day Weekend, when the cheese guy was here and Rubes and I were tryin to score a little nibble? And remember that look of death Alex shot us when we got too close (please refer to last week’s post in case you forgot — it’s forever burned in my mind). Seriously, what’s THAT about?? We bend over backwards to accommodate those cats! Hhmphh!

Well today, Puffy was getting all attitude-y with us too. So Rubes and I tried to pack her in a box of wine heading to California. But Brendan caught us and saved her. But she’ll want to watch her step I can tell you, because Brendan can’t be there to save her every time. So if she doesn’t shape up and fly right, “California here I come” hahahaha!

Oh please, don’t let that angelic look fool you! Her attitude almost got her shipped to California today if Rubes and I had gotten our way!

And ya know what else the whole pack of em does? They chase animals smaller than them. We do too, to play with them. But I’m pretty sure the cats have different plans for those poor little guys. Here’s a little fella Dad rescued just in time, or he would have met a certain demise! The cats circle and get this sorta evil glint in their eyes and little bubbles of drool on their chins. Yeah, pretty sure they’re not looking for tennis partners. Good thing we all get fed really well around here, or I’m pretty sure they’d turn on me n Rubie too! And I’m not 100% sure they couldn’t take us if they put their minds to it.

Dad saved this little guy before he became kitty kibble. Nice work Dad!

Nah I’m just kidding, they’re all good cats. For cats. They’re certainly not as cool as dogs. Just sayin. Listen, we’re so cool, dad got little plush toy versions of us for the winery, so people could take us home with them — in a way. Neither Rubie or I are completely sure about how we feel about them. They’re pretty cute, and they better not steal our thunder! But on a bright note, they don’t eat anything so that’s more snax fer us!

Hmmmmm, not to sure about this…

Speaking of snax, the cafe has been in overdrive, and Rubes and me are the official taste-testing committee. Chefs Lindsay & Jen and their team are feverishly figuring out their menu for Taste of the Nation Ithaca, Tuesday the 19th at the Ithaca College Emerson Suites. And of course that’s right in the middle of Finger Lakes Restaurant Week, which is a Region-wide event where Finger Lakes Chefs created a 100% Finger Lakes menu item paired for a fixed price. That runs from the 18th-24th.

Rubie waiting to start her taste-testing shift at the Cafe. The ONE job she’s ALWAYS on time for!

And speakin of runnin, I’m runnin out of steam. Must be time for breakfast, and I do believe I smell sausages on the grill. A dog needs his strength ya know! But before I go grab a bite of something delish from the kids at the cafe, I just want to mention it’s going to be warm and sunny this weekend (according to the weatherman). Which means the concerts will be back out in the Pavilion. Friday we’ve got Robin Burnett & the All Stars from 6-8 for Happy Hour, and Sunday afternoon, Gary & Leann Reynolds will be wrappin up the weekend from 4-6, right after brunch wraps up.

So plan on spending some time with us this weekend. And bring your pooches if you want! They can dance with me, swim with Rubes or work the door with both of us! And there’ll be plenty o snax to go around (especially if you remember to pack some extras for us when you come).

See ya in a few days!

Woof out!

Max n Rubie

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