On the Road Again…

By: max n rubie

Jun 14 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Woofin it out from the Winery today gang!

Max here (seems to be becoming par for the course).

Today is the start of a crazy stretch around here and Rubie is exhausted just thinking about it so that means I’ll be writing this blog solo.

She moved one box. ONE box, and is already exhausted! Dads! Cmon!

The gang is on the road all weekend. And I mean all weekend. And darn near the whole gang! Which means Rubie and I are in charge! And that means snax, snax, snax — no limit! Woo-hoo! Or woof-woof rather.

Like I said, it all starts today. Joe N. is heading to Binghamton for the Rotary Club’s Wine & Specialty Beer Tasting tonite at 5:30 at Terra Cotta. And we pack up Dads and send them off to Clayton (Thousand Islands) for the Great NYS Food & Wine Fest which is Friday thru Sunday if yer up in that neck of the woods.

Tomorrow Brendan and his team head to the Owego Strawberry Festival for two days and another team is at Winestock 2012 over at Three Brothers at the top of Seneca Lake Saturday. I hear that’s a hoot. Apparently it’s our first year there! I’ve already given strict orders to find find food souvenirs to bring home from that! (Look at me acting like the boss already heh-heh.)

It’s exhausting work, but someone’s gotta do it. Takin a breather while I pack the cars. Notice the seal is nowhere to be seen. — Max

Meanwhile back on the ranch…

The Cafe is all out getting ready for Restaurant Week next week. This is going to be a Finger Lakes feeding frenzy and I for one cannot wait!! (Rubie would agree if she could wake up for five seconds to chime in. I may have to go to management about her behavior, because I’m really gonna need her to bring her A-game this weekend if we’re gonna help keep things runnin smoothly around here.)

Anyway, back to Restaurant Week. Chefs Lindsay & Jen and their team have created a 100% Finger Lakes menu selection paired with Finger Lakes wines that they serve all week. It’s sort of a challenge to see which Finger Lakes Chefs do it best. I’m pretty sure I know who’d win if they were really giving out prizes. I’ve had a slight advantage of being on the official taste testing team around here and I’m gonna tell ya this is seriously good stuff. Here’s the menu…

SALAD: Farmers Market salad with pork belly, blue cheese, and blue berry vinaigrette
PAIRING:  Americana Sapphire Blueberry Port

MAIN DISH: Homemade Free-Range Chicken Stew over Cheddar Chive Biscuits
PAIRING:   Americana Pinot Gris

DESSERT: Strawberry Pie with Graham-Cracker Crust and Fresh Whipped Cream
PAIRING:  Lucas 30th Anniversary Extra Dry Sparkling Wine

Mmm. Mmm! Oh sure I mention that and the seal stirs. (Yup that’s Rubie’s nickname around here.)

Now in the middle of all that is Taste of the Nation in Ithaca next Tuesday night at the Emerson Suites at Ithaca College. This is another gathering of the best chefs and finest Finger Lakes foods and wines to raise money for hungry kids. This is a FEAST! Rubes and I have been trying to convince Dads to take us, but so far no luck. They keep saying only two-legged guests are allowed. Rubie and I have been practicing walking on our hind legs only so we can pull off that requirement. Gotta be honest. Not going well.

And finally the Cafe kids have finalized the BBQ menu for our big 4th of July BBQ Bash which is Saturday June 30th. And you’ll wanna make sure you put this bad boy on yer calendar right now, because if it’s anything like last year’s 30th Birthday Bash this is gonna be an extravaganza!

We had like 2000 people here last year! Do you know what kind of snacking potential that is??

We’re having 5 bands, a bbq, games, food vendors, wine specials and at 10? FIREWORKS! Woof!! Okay they may be a little loud for our liking but, totally worth it cuz they’re so cool lookin. Not to mention, when everyone’s lookin up at the sky, Rubie and I are workin the ground. Hard. By that time, there’s lots of bbq leftovers and snackies left unattended and we are gonna make out like bandits!

An example of the show we’ll be puttin on. Keep your eyes focused upwards. Pay no attention to those dogs sniffing around your blankets and tables…

And I’ll need some sustenance by then because with 5 bands, you know I’ll be a day-long dancing fool!

Last year, we danced deep into the night. Yup I’m in there mixin it up, don’t you worry!

So listen I gotta go help pack cars, but I want to mention the bands this weekend for Father’s Day weekend. Because even though a lot of our family won’t be here, we’ve still got things goin on like mad around here. Friday night for Happy Hour, 6-8, we’ve got Blue Skies in the Pavilion and I’ve got some special dance moves waitin for them! Then on Father’s Day, we’ve got Purple Valley playing for all you dads out there from 4-6, pretty much right after brunch.

Purple Valley last time they were here, killin it in the Pavilion. They’ll be here Sunday playin for all the dads out there! I’ll be dancin for snax (just a reminder about my preferred method of payment.)

So come on down and spend some time with us this weekend. Remember we’re runnin things so anything goes – food wise that is. Heh! Bring chairs, kids, dogs, and SNAX!

Gots to go wake up the seal and get to work, so Happy Father’s Day! Woof out!

Max and the Circus Act (aka Rubie)

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