Summer’s Comin Roarin In!

By: max n rubie

Jun 22 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Woof out from the winery on the first full day of summer all! Max here.

And it’s friggin HOT! But people are comin in sayin it’s too hot to eat! Have you ever heard anything so ludicrous! There is no such thing as a bad time to eat as far as I’m concerned. And seal would agree with me, but of course,with 90 plus degrees I’ve got no shot of dragging her out of that pond to do a little work. And of course when she does get out (and you KNOW that’s only for food), she smells like a dead fish, so better to keep her submerged anyway.

Rubie wrestlin with something in the pond. She should put this kind of energy into her job! – Max

Anyway, we’re halfway through restaurant week and it’s been nuts around here. Of course you’ve probably heard by now that the challenge was to use 100% Finger Lakes ingredients in a 3 course meal.

Doesn’t the Cafe look pretty? It’s all gussied up for the first day of summer!

Chef Lindsay and her team did a lunch and dinner version and I will tell you it’s a good week to be on the taste testing team around here! Yummers! Take a look. And Restaurant Week goes til Sunday so swing in and give this chow a try. It is Max n Rubie tested. And APPROVED! Woof!

Lunch and dinner start with a fresh salad during Restaurant Week.

Lunch entree: Maple brined pork belly, mixed greens, tomato and garlic scape aioli on sourdough bread.

Dinner entree: Comfort food a la local — Free Range chicken stew with potatoes, onions, peas, served with a cheddar-chive biscuit.

For both lunch and dinner, dessert starts like this…

…and ends up like this! Fresh Strawberry pie! YUM!

But as if that’s not enough, it’s been a food frenzy on the road too! Monday was Medley of Tastes in Geneva and Tuesday was Taste of the Nation in Ithaca. Plus we just found out Chef Lindsay is doing the soup course at the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty Annual Dinner August 6th at Geneva on the Lake, so we’ll have some taste testing for that as she perfects her recipe. We love that she’s a perfectionist. Because we get very serious eats with every iteration! Woof woof!

As you know, basically the whole gang was on the road last weekend between the Great NYS Food & Wine Fest, Winestock, and the Owego Strawberry Fest, so that means Rubes and I ran the show. We invited some friends in to help us out! Take a look!

Greeter in training. We start em young around here.

Look at that face! Now that’s a snack gettin face if ever there was one!

Now we’re catching our breath just a bit before we start prepping for the big 4th of July/31st Birthday BBQ Hootenanny! That’s Saturday June 30th starting at noon, and it gonna be a bbq, 5 bands, food, wine, friends, and FIREWORKS! Lots of fun and HUGE snax for me and Poseidon’s minnion! They just put out the poster this week. We got a bunch of em in to put up, but Rubes drooled all over them just reading it, so we had to get a bunch more.

Everything you need to know about next weekend’s festivities! Pack and chair, the kids, the dog and be here!

But as good of a time as that’s gonna be, we’re actually winding up for it Friday night June 29th with Steve Southworth and the Rockabilly Rays! Now, they’re pretty big, so we’ve got all the radio stations from the Cayuga Lake Radio Group coming in to do live remotes here that night too. And to help get us primed for Saturday.

Listen, don’t tell Dads, but Rubie and I are coming up with a plan for getting on air. We’ve been telling Dads we want our own radio show, but they just poo-poo us, and roll their eyes. But THIS could be our big break! I’ve been practicing my singin — yeah that’s right I dance AND sing! Showbiz is in my blood! And you know Rubie thinks she’s a rockstar anyway. So we’re workin some angles to get the Radio Stations to give us our shot that night. “The Max n Rubie Show” has a nice ring to it! Dontcha think? If we just get a little mic time that nite, a syndication deal can’t be far behind!

But I digress. Let’s just say we’ve got big plans and leave it at that.

Anyway Sunday is gonna rock too. We’ve got Bob & Dee here July 1! They’re great, and really good at sneakin us snax! So all in all, it’s gonna be a three day music and food extravaganza! We tried to convince Dads they should just let people camp here for the weekend (ulterior motive — Rubie and I could raid their coolers at night while they’re sleeping). Dads said no though cuz with Rubie being as big as a bear, we’d scare people rustling around their campsites at night — thinking we really WERE bears! Hah! I said I’m a singer not a growler. Dad said po-tay-to, po-tot -to and I guess that’s the end of that idea. We’ll be working on that one though, maybe for next year. Listen, we’re big thinkers, Rubes and I. One of em’s gonna stick soon! The odds are in our favor…

Someone apparently regrets being called a bear. But I don’t know. Dads might be onto something here…

Hey, it just occurred to me I’ve spent a lot of time yippin about next weekend, but THIS weekend is almost here and we’ve got lots of good stuff goin on. Friday night is Go Gone from 6-8. And Sunday The Mob plays from 4-6. In between we’re winding up Restaurant Week and of course yummers Sunday Brunch. And of course, you could always go in the pond with fish girl. But I wouldn’t advise it, unless of course you wanna smell like her too. Ew.

Actually it’s not gonna be this hot this weekend so that’s good news. It’s supposed to cool down starting tomorrow afternoon, so that’ll be a nice change in my opinion. Cuz I’ll tell ya these rocks are friggin hot on my feet as I greet guests and walk em to the winery.

Me walkin across the driveway after escorting some guests back to their car.

I need me some booties on days like this. I might actually go stick my feet in the pond to cool off! Rubie better not splash me!

So see ya tomorrow right? Woof out!

Max and The Stinky Wet Bear

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