Ruffin It!

By: max n rubie

Jul 12 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Woof! Max & Rubie here, back at the winery! Did ya miss us last week? We took a little vay-kay  after the big Bash cuz we were EXHAUSTED! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did that weekend! But greeting and mooching duties really wiped us out.

Thought this was a riot. These folks brought their own tiki umbrella to the BBQ Bash! Our kind of people!

Just a few of our 4-legged friends that came to party with us during the BBQ Bash!

It was hoppin around here all day…

…and late into the night!

A great party capped off by a great fireworks show!

So we took a few days off to get a little rest. Did a little sunbathing, a little napping, a little eating, a little napping, a little swimming (yes even Max!), a little napping, a little eating… Well you get it.

Yup, even I went swimming! And look at that brat Rubie splashing me! This is exactly why I don’t go swimming with her much! — Max

And we’re happy to tell you we’re back baby! And just in the nick of time, cuz this weekend’s the Finger Lakes Wine Festival at “The Glen” and the joint is jumping getting ready for that! We have a pretty big presence there, so the gang has been loading up, putting together wine specials and decorating togas (not sure what that’s all about).

Dads wanted to make sure we told you that if you’re going, we’re in the same spot we were in last year. Booths #188-189 in front of the first tent. So if you’ve been before, we’re right where you found us before. And if you’ve never gone before, we’re still easy to find. Just look for Dads, Brendan, Betsy and the rest of the familiar faces from around here.

A few members of the Americana Dream Team that you see around here all the time. Look for these guys at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival this weekend in Watkins Glen!

Pretty much everyone’s going to be there at some point this weekend. Um, except me and Rubes. WE are NOT invited! Hmph! That’s some gratitude for ya! We work like fiends around here and ask to go on a road trip (we wanna go cuz we hear there’s crazy amounts of food there — and you KNOW how we feel about food), and are told flat out no. Pfft!

Well that’s okay, cuz we’ll stay here and hold down the fort with the kids at the Cafe. Plus someone’s gotta guide our guests to the winery, cafe and Pavilion. And there’s crazy great music here this weekend too. Go Gone is here to start off the weekend Friday from 6-8! I particularly like dancing to them!

Go Gone is here Friday night from 6-8! Bring the kids, the dogs, the lawnchairs, and the SNAX!

Then Sunday, from 4-6, after brunch from 11-3, we’ve got a new band and I’m pretty excited to hear them. They sound very danceable. They’re called Big Nasty. (Do NOT confuse them with Rubie being big and smellin nasty when she gets out of the pond. Hahaha!) And they’re a dixieland jazz band. Pretty cool huh?? I know I’ll have my dancin paws on!

— oh hold da phone — Dad wanted me to tell you about the Festival Wine Specials we’ll have in Watkins Glen this weekend before I get off on one of my tangents. So, being the good dog I am, let me oblige…

Finger Lakes Wine Festival Specials (tax included)
3 Semi-Sweets for $27
2 Cayuga White for $20
2 Finger Lakes Chablis for $22, or %15 off of 6, 20% off of a case

Okay, now back to US! So since we’re running the show around here this weekend, we’re going to make a few decrees:

Decree 1: All 4 Legged Visitors Shall be Exalted and Bowed Down To

All Hail Sprocket!

Decree 2: All 2 Legged Visitors Are to Bring Us Snax and Dole Them Out to Us Freely

Snax all around! For us AND all our 4-legged friends, like Abby, a rescue dog, who I personally find irresistible! — Max

Decree 3: We Shall Take $3 Off Chablis All Weekend, Making it a Mere $10.99 (+ tax)

Decree 4: We Shall Offer a “Red Hot Summer Special”  — 3 Barn Raising Red for $25 (+ tax)

Decree 5: We Shall Have Free Run of the Cafe Menu, Being Served Anything We Wish, at Any Time

UM, YES PLEASE. I’ll expect one at noon, 2, 4, 6 and finish off the evening with one at 8. That should hold me between snax! — Max

Decree 6: We Shall Swim, Dance & Scam Snacks All Weekend & at Our Whim Without Any Repercussion Whatsoever

Show that stick who’s boss ’round here Rubes!

Oh it’s gonna be a good weekend here! Please come by, but read the decrees first and be prepared to obey. And bring your pooches to play with us! Of course if you’re going to the Wine Festival, make sure you stop by the Americana Compound and say hi, but under no condition are you to tell anyone there what we’re up to here. Remember, what happens at Americana, stays at Americana!

See ya this weekend!

Woof out! –King Max & Her Royal Walrus Rubie
(Hahaha – you can probably tell she left me to my own devices about halfway through.)


One comment on “Ruffin It!”

  1. have a great weekend, my sweeties!!!

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