The Dog Daze of Summer

By: max n rubie

Jul 26 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Woofies all!

Rubie here. Poor Max is napping. He’s just wiped out from the heat and insanity around here for the past several weeks. Even our little day off wasn’t enough for the boy. I should note, that if he swam with me more, he’d probably be a tad more energetic. But then I’m the spring chicken of the duo, so enough said there I suppose.

My boy resting up for a busy weekend with our greyhound friends!

Anyway, the lad needs his rest because we’ve got a busy weekend ahead. And it’s one of mine and Max’s favorites. It’s the Grapehound Wine Tour on Seneca Lake. And yes, I know you’re saying, but that’s not even on your wine trail. Ah, but see, it doesn’t matter. The greyhounds love to visit us because we bring em right into the family! And feed them of course. Good lord, have you ever seen how skinny they are? They’re like the super-models of dog-world. I say put a little meat on those bones! I know it’s their genetics to be so slender, and no I’m not jealous of their fine-boned physiques. I just think some extra snacks would fatten em up a bit, and Max & I are going to do our part to see that that happens this weekend for them! Maybe that’s why they like coming here so much, cuz we sneak em all kinds of goodies. Hehe.

Some of our greyhound friends. Quite lovely aren’t they? And nice as pie. Speaking of pie…

And it should be easier than ever this year, because as you know Dads are on vay-kay, and left Max & I in charge of the ship. Well, they didn’t come right out and say that. But we know. We’ve been scoping out Chef Jen’s unbelievable blueberry pie for our visitors (okay and us). Seriously though, have you seen it? This is where the phrase “a little slice of Heaven” originated, I am quite sure. I can’t take my eyes off of it, and can’t wait to get my chops into it. Oh, and I will. To test it for our visitors of course. Yes. Yes that’s what I meant. To test it for the greyhounds!

Seriously, how good does this blueberry pie look? Not 100% sure I’m willing to share even with the sweet greyhounds. I’m thinking every dog for him or herself at this point.

Oh you know what else we’re going to make happen for our little friends? We’re gonna make sure they get their custom labels while they’re here too. This is a cool thing we do. We take a picture of these little beauties and then put it on a custom label that we make right on the spot for them. Then we put that label right on their humans’ favorite bottle of wine! Pretty cool no? What a nice keepsake, not to mention they all just photograph so well (going back to that whole super-model thin thing — can’t seem to get over it — ok maybe I am a bit jealous). But they’re all so nice and sweet, I can’t get mad at em for being scrawny. They don’t have that I’m-a-super-model-so-you-may-kiss-my-paws attitude at all. Real down to earth, lovely dogs. We’re always thrilled to have them here.

We’ve got a couple of their fave bands here for them this weekend too! On Friday we have Dirty Birds playing from 6-8 in the Pavilion! This little 3-piece band is tearing up the Finger Lakes playing their classic rock everywhere. I love that they do Janis Joplin. Max loves the CCR and Skynyrd. You know Max is a dancer, but he says that this band is great head bopping band more than a dance band. He loves em cuz they’re so laid back — like him — and will forego his dancing for swaying for them any day.

Dirty Birds. Their Accoustic Rock is gonna get your head nodding on Friday! The greyhounds are gonna love em as much as we do!

Sunday from 4-6, we’ve got another fave for the greyhounds Blue Skies. Max will be dancin his little heart out to these guys. And girl greyhounds, don’t be surprised if he asks you to dance with him. He never asks me, so consider yourselves lucky. He says I lumber like an ox and hurt his feet when I step on them. I told him he can just bite me. I am graceful where it matters. In the water. I swim like a four-legged Ester Williams. (Brendan says no one will get that reference — I say true water lovers will.) Plus I’ll be busy working the crowd for snax,  for me, my greyhound friends, and HIM. It’s just the kind of team player I am. So while he’s busy mocking me, I’ll just have my nose to the grindstone, working it hard. Sigh. I don’t know why he thinks I’m so lazy.

Could someone slide that ball back over to me? I. Just. Can’t. Quite. Reach. It.

But I digress. Oh sugar, now I lost my train of thought. (Got thinking about the water, and all thoughts of work just flew right out of my head.)

Speaking of water, last Tuesday Dads took the whole Americana team out on the water for their annual appreciation Cayuga Lake Sunset Cruise.

The team rocking out The Finger Lakes Wine Fest in Watkins Glen last weekend. SUCH A HOT WEEKEND. I personally was in the pond while they were working so hard. Shh! Don’t tell. (Hmm maybe that’s why I wasn’t invited on the appreciation cruise.)

Yes everyone — except Max and me (and those pesky cats — but they don’t count). Dads said we had to hold down the fort. Max and I conferred and we believe that was a blatant lie. They just didn’t want us scamming the snax on the boat. Hmpph. And seems like we missed a good time on top of the good food. Did you see the hat Dad was caught wearing? No? Oh, well here you go. (This is for not taking us Dads.)

Always the entertainer, Dad dons a purple hat to amuse his guests on the cruise. And you wonder where we get it from.

Hey listen, I can’t stop thinking about swimming, so I’m going to sign off if you don’t mind. But a few things I’d like you to think about before I go for my dip…

1. Not only are greyhounds welcome this weekend, all four-legged poochies are. See, here are a few friends who stopped by over the past few weeks…

A fine looking visitor during the BBQ Bash getting his snack on.

Future Americana Greeter in training. She’s got the face for it, no?

2. All of us on 4 legs expect — no demand — all of you on 2 legs to provide ample snacking opportunities for us at all times when you are on the premises. And here’s a little reminder of how that works.

That’s right, just drop all snacks directly into my mouth upon request. See easy peasy.

3. I work just as hard as Max does. You’ll notice in the below picture that he’s just as big a nappy boy as I’m a nappy girl. So do NOT let him fool you. Further more, you’ll note who’s writing the blog this week. Just saying.

Caught in the act! The Old Man doesn’t work ALL the time!! The proof is on the pillow! Haha! — Rubes

Anyway, I must swim. So I expect to see your snack-laden, pet-toting selves here this weekend. And remember it should be a lot of fun as Max & I ARE running the show. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Ta-ta til Friday! Woofies!

Rubie & Rip Van Winkle (aka Max)

— That’s right Buster, I can give out nicknames as good as I get. That’ll teach you to doze off while the computer’s on.

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