Release the Hounds!

By: max n rubie

Aug 03 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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The greyhounds that is!

Woof out from Winery all! Max here!

Needless to say with the heat you know where Rubie the Seal is. So since she wrote last week, I’ll do the talking this week!

Before I get into all the great visitors we had last weekend, I’d like to talk about some of the snippy cracks she made last week! First off, I work WAY harder than she does. She just knows how to operate a camera better than I do and therefore catches me when I’m catching my 40 winks. Which isn’t very much, let me tell you straight up. Heaven forbid I catch a rest. Proof you say? Where is she right now? Yup. Flopping around like a walrus in the pond.

If she’s not swimmin, she’s sleepin. But I’M Rip Van Winkle! Hmmmmph!

I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on her. She is just a kid. I try to teach her work ethic. Guess that’ll come with time. But when she’s on her game, she’s ON HER GAME. I can’t deny that. And she can sniff out a treat halfway across Interlaken! So alright I’m done. Just took umbrage with that Rip Van Winkle crack. I’m over it. Especially since she does hook me up with edible loot quite often. Smart-alec kid.

Rubes was headed to the Cafe, when suddenly, somewhere in Ithaca, someone opened a bag of chips… Heh Heh. But ya gotta hand it to her. The girls got a sniffer for snax! – Max

Speaking of smart-alecs, I will definitely agree with her about those pesky cats. Check this out! Sam horning in on OUR GIG! Look at this! Back away from the table cat! Or you’re going for a swim!

Look at that freakin cat Sam using our bag of tricks. Glad to see that nice lady is ignoring her. HAH! — Max

Cats are so unoriginal. Seriously. They can’t find their OWN angle. For petessake, they’re cute and fuzzy and purr. They can’t make something out of that?? But no, they’ve got to copy us. OH!! I NOW understand that term COPYCAT. Got it! Anyway just a friendly warning is all I’m saying.

Alright, venting done. Now on to more important news. And that’s all the coolio visitors we had last weekend! Yes we had great two legged guests for sure, but it was the weekend of the Four-Legged Friends — the Greyhounds and their entourages were  here! Check out some of our new friends! We’re hoping they don’t forget us when they leave. We’re on Twitter, ya know guys!

We love that famous Willow the Wonderdog stopped by! Tweet me baby! @MaxnRubie

Listen, I know Rubes went on and on about how skinny they are, but seriously they are gorgeous! I fell in love multiple times all weekend! And can the girls move! Loved them dancing with me all weekend! The guys just hung back and watched, so very gentlemanly of them. And I caught Rubie making doe eyes at the boys all weekend, so don’t let her kid ya.

Drake & Chica. Bow-wow-WOW Chica! Woof woof!

We had other types of pooches here too. Listen our doors are always open to all 4-legged visitors. And here’s a cute little bugger that stopped by. Great face on the kid. Think he has a future as a snack-scammer too! How could you say no to that face! We gave him a trial run, and I’ll be honest. He rocked it!

Look at Musket working it for a treat! Well done lad, well done!

Speaking of rockin it, the music rocked last weekend too! Dirty Birds and Blue Skies played the Pavilion despite intermittent thunder storms. And, in addition to great music, look what else we got as a result of the storms!

Isn’t this a beautiful shot?? We loves us our rainbows. Rubie says there’s a pot of dog treats at the end. I told her it was gold. She said yes, treats are gold! Sigh. – Max

This weekend, we’ve got Bob & Dee warming up the weekend Friday from 6-8 and Dave Raducha winding it down, Sunday from 4-6. It’s supposed to be hot and toasty and a good excuse for the new Sweet Riesling according to the kids in the winery. They’ve been having a lot of fun with it in the Tasting Room, letting people write their own tasting notes for it. Now they’re posting some of the responses on the Facebook page. Really good stuff! Who says ya need to be a professional wine critic to describe wine! Power to the Palette of the People!

Plus I think they’re running an ice cold Chablis special again this weekend too! Last weekend if you got two bottles, you got a free wine glass. Each bottle was only $10.99 each which is a savings of 3 bux a pop. So the glass is a little extra icing on the cake. I hear through the grapevine they’re doing it again this weekend, while it lasts.

Chablis Special, perfect for a hot summer night. $10.99 a bottle and a glass to drink it with! Nice! (Well if you’re a wine drinker. Me I’m more a water kinda guy.) -Max

Okay so let’s talk food for the weekend shall we? As you know, Rubes and I are always open to treats or your leftovers from the Cafe. And Chefs Jen and Lindsay’s garden out back is in full bloom, and they’re using all those home grown ingredients in their dishes. Rubie says we could avoid the middle man and just go dig the goodies out of the garden. I remind her that the girls (OR Dads for that matter) would NOT be happy with that decision. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’d lose her swimming privileges if they caught her with fresh dirt on her snoot. So while she wasn’t happy with the news, after she weighed the options, she felt swimming was more important than digging. And her food scamming routine would serve her better than self-acquiring. So just a shout out, “Saved the gardens for you all! Treats please.”

It’s that garden-fresh time of year. The Cafe grows everything from veggies to herbs for their dishes right outside the backdoor. Here’s a shot of the herbs, which you’ll be finding in a dish right here this weekend if I can keep Rubie out of em. – Max

Speaking of cooking and treats, our Chef Lindsay will be cooking the soup course at the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty Annual Dinner this coming Monday (August 6) at Geneva on the Lake. She’s making a Sweet Corn Bisque with with a tomato/basil relish, and I’ll tell you what, I’ve had a sampling and  WOOF WOOF! That’s some good eating right there! She’s pairing it with our Pinot Gris, and it’s one of 5 – FIVE – F.I.V.E. – courses!!

The Culinary Bounty DInner is set right outside on the lake at Geneva on the Lake, and it’s a Finger Lakes feeding frenzy. SO MAD Rubes and I can’t go!

All made by top chefs from the Finger Lakes. Again, we asked Dads if we could go and they said until we could sit on a chair and use a fork and knife the answer would have to be no. GRRR. So since we didn’t get tickets, and if you want to go, could you bring us doggie bags after? We hear you can’t ever finish all the food! To me that sounds like a challenge!! Anyway, you can get your tickets by calling 1.800.3.GENEVA.

Well all this talk of food is making me hungry so I’m gonna meander over to the Cafe and see what’s cooking. Hey hope to see you this weekend! Should be lots of fun around here! Bring treats or be sure to drop a little extra off your plate and onto the ground for me and the girl.

DON’T FEED THE CATS! – Management (AKA me and Rubes)

Woof Out!

Max & the Big Fin

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