Lab Day Weekend

By: max n rubie

Aug 31 2012

Category: Today at the Winery

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Woof out from the winery gang! Max here!

You know where Rubes is! Yup in the pond. I don’t know if it’s because it’s warming up just in time for our big weekend or because she’s shirking her writing duties. Sigh. Either way, it’s just me.

Oh wait, I’ve just been corrected. Apparently it’s not Lab Day. It’s LabOR Day. Dads just told me every day around here is LAB day. I beg to differ. If that were really the case, the Seal and I would have 24-hour unfettered access to the Cafe kitchen. And I can promise you, we don’t! (But we will be working on this as one of our long-term goals!)

Yup as you can see we have been shut out of the Cafe. Every day is Lab Day, my paw!

So okay, now that I’ve been set straight (hmph) let’s talk about Labor Day Weekend. As a dancer, this is a wicked exciting weekend for me. You know we have bands Friday and Sunday all year round right? Well this weekend we have a three-fer! That’s right a bonus band on Saturday from 6-8! In fact, September looks like it’s gonna be a rockin month because we’ll have three-fers all month. Music Friday, Saturday and Sunday all month! Woof woof! Let the tail shakin begin!

Oh what a feelin. When we’re dancin in the vineyards. Heh heh! Well get ready for me to cut in! – Max

This whole musical hootenanny kicks off with this weekend’s lineup is a powerhouse of crowd faves! Friday from 6-8 we’re gettin the party started with Blue Skies.

Blue Skies! Come shake it with me! Woof! – Max

Saturday — our bonus concert from 6-8 — is Cool Club of Hector. You may remember these cool cats from their many Sunday afternoon appearances here. These hipsters are perfect for the beret wearin, paw snappin, jazz lovin set – of which I am one!

Loves me my Cool Club, jazzing up the Pavilion.

Then Sunday from 4-6 is Go Gone! This is such a soulful group, playing their original roots, rock and blues songs and a great way to wind down a Sunday. They were here in June and July. In fact we like to have them in about once a month for their paw tappin, head swayin tunes!

Go Gone soulin it up in the Pavilion! Very cool group. Very cool music!

Oh, speaking of this weekend, Dad’s wanted me to let you know that they’re releasing the new Semi-Sweet Riesling this weekend. Talk about your party in a bottle! Peach, pear and pineapple! Perfect for late summer! (Well if you’re a wine drinker. Me? I’d love all those flavors in a dog bowl sized dish of ice cream. But again that’s me.)

Labor Day Weekend release: Semi-dry Riesling. The way the winery kids describe it, it sorta sounds like a fruit salad in a glass! And I loves me fruits! Woof! – Max

And on the subject of food (one of our favorites of course), wait til you guys get a load of what Chefs Lindsay & Jen and their team are cooking up for this weekend! You know they’re all about fresh and local. Heck they grow veggies, fruits and herbs right out back that they can pluck from the garden and toss into their recipes. Yesterday Chef Lindsay was wicked busy making fresh sausage for the weekend! She can feel free to smuggle that right into my bowl! (Of course if every day was TRULY Lab Day, I could could simply command her to do so!)

I command you Chef Lindsay to feed me these! Hmph, you can imagine how well that worked out for me.

And if every day was TRULY Lab Day, I would be able  to deal with the cat situation around here which quite frankly seems to be spinning out of control. I’m beginning to think every day is CAT Day. If  I were king, I would banish them from my kingdom until they learned their place!

Be careful how close you sit to the open boxes in the shipping area Puffy. Because when no one’s looking, you’re going to find yourself enroute to Pennsylvania! I so deem it!

Another decree I would make is that all visiting dogs would be prince (or princess) for the duration of their stay! Let me introduce you to a cutie who was a member of my royal court from last week! And remember to please bring your poochies to visit this weekend. Honestly we need the numbers to overtake those cats!

Meet Nida. Bow wow WOWZER! And she could dance too! My dream girl! – Woof! Max

This is particularly important when any of our advocates are off site. Like Joe Natale. And this weekend is no different. But he’s only gone today, so that’s good. This afternoon, he’ll be at Plaza Discount in Cortland from 4-7 spreading the Americana love for those who won’t be able to get here. But he’ll be here tomorrow, getting our backs for the rest of the weekend – sneaking us treats, chasing the cats, and entertaining visitors with us!

These guys ALWAYS have our backs! Kev, Joe N. and Ryan!

And speaking of backs, here comes her highness back from her morning swim. She must be ready to get to work on the door. Of course she’s sopping wet, but she should be dry by the time you get here for the band tonight. So listen, drive safe and we’ll see you later! If you can’t make it tonight, don’t worry we’ll be here — awaiting snax and dance partners all weekend!

Where ARE you? Why aren’t you here yet??

Woof out!

Max and the Dripping Porpoise

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