Bowser Wowser, here comes Fall!

By: max n rubie

Sep 14 2012

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Woofies my darlings!

It’s your Rubie! I’m letting Old Man Max nap while I take a turn at the pen (okay keyboard) this week.

While it’s still lovely out, on one paw, I’m utterly horrified that Fall is basically here. Yes it’s beautiful. Crisp. Bright. Leaves. Blah blah blah. It’s going to mean less swimming because the pond’s going to get too chilly and THAT is a bad thing!

But on the other paw, it’s harvest time and harvest is a bit early this year. Not just the grapes, but all the delicious foods too. And as you know, that’s what I care about.

What’s a girl to do? I’m so torn!

Love harvest foods. Hate cold ponds. Oy. It’s tough being me in the fall.

This weekend is one of the biggest harvest events in our area. It’s called the Finger Lakes Cork & Fork, and both the Cafe and the Winery will be there. Friday night, which is the event I wish Dads would let Maxie and I go to because it’s all the Regions best chefs creating amazing locavore tapas (and pairing it up with the best wines – which as you know, I’m not a wine drinker, so that part doesn’t matter as much to me).

Cork & Fork this weekend! In Seneca Falls at Rodman Lott & Son Farms on 414. The team will be there, while Max and I hold down the fort.

But the food. Dear God the food. Here’s what Chefs Lindsay and Jen have cooked up for Friday night:
Sweet Corn Bisque with Tomato-Basil Relish (you may remember this little delight from the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty Dinner — spectacular!)
Maple-Brined Pork Belly on Crostini with Oven-Dried Tomato Aioli & Arugula (I have been taste testing this combo this week, and mwah! Fabu!)
Honeycrisp Apple Cake (There is not one word in this that doesn’t delicious shivers down my tail!)

One of the Cafe creations for Cork & Fork using local corn! Sweet! Have you tried this yet?

And that’s just at the Winery & Café tables Friday night. So curious to see what the other chefs will be coming up with! I can tell you, Dads and the team are under strict instructions to bring back doggie bags for Maxie and me. Mmmmm, licking my chops just thinking about it…

Ah but I digress.

Another cool thing about Friday night at Cork & Fork, is that they have music for dancing, which Max loves.

Meet Tug. He asked ME to dance! That’s right Max, sometimes they come to hang with me! –Rubes

But we’re having music here too, so that ought to keep Maxie on his dance. In fact it’s another 3 band weekend. All September  we’re doing three-fer band weekends!

This weekend we have a new band on Friday night from 6-8. Radio London. Max is excited about them!

Then our bonus band Saturday from 6-8 is a crowd  fave Blue Skies. And finally on Sunday Dave Raducha is back to close out the weekend from 4-6.

Now while Max loves the extra music, I love the extra food scamming opportunities! And again, I’d like to use this platform to remind you that we willingly and gratefully accept all edible handouts (chocolate excluded of course). But if you’re not willing to hand it over willingly, I will find a way to wheedle it out of you. It may be a precious look, an eager tail wag, or a gentle paw on your lap as a reminder. But make no mistake about it, I will get your food.

Ah the Pavilion. Where I do my best work! (And Max does his best dancing!)

Wowser, did I get off track! So back to the weekend!

Cork & Fork isn’t the only big event this weekend. The Road Team is in for a busy time of it. Friday and Saturday Joe N., JF and Kirsten are in the Capital District for the Capital Region Apple & Wine Festival at the Altamont Fairgrounds. That’s a big fave!

Apples. Harvest goodies. Wine. Good weekend to be in the Capital District!

And Ryan is heading to the 1000 Islands to beautiful Boldt Castle for their Wine Festival & Farmers Market Saturday from 11-4.

Hey if you can’t be in the Finger Lakes this weekend, the 1000 Islands isn’t a bad second choice!

The key to all these great events is coming home with those doggie bags for us! You of course know that Max and I originated that phrase “doggie bags” right? Haha just kidding. But I’ll bet two other hard working dogs at another winery years and years  ago did. To which I say thank you for your vision and foresight in the realm of leftovers.

Big Tom working it at the Cork & Fork last year. He’s always good for a doggie bag for us! Luv ya big guy! — Rubie

Oops, Dad just scolded me for talking too much about my edible needs. He wanted me to tell you all about our Patriots’ Club. This is for those of you Americana lovers who buy your wines a case at a time! Once you buy your first case you can join the club. And that entitles you to lots of cool benefits (if you’re a wine drinker). Like complimentary tastings for two, members-only tastings, 15% off a 1/2 case and 20% off a full case. And here’s the bene that I love 15% off your meal in the Café. Now the way I figure it, that means you can order 15% more food, and you can just hand over that 15% to me and Max. No harm no foul.

Oh for heavensake. Dad told me to stop begging. He says I’m being ridiculous. I told him to stop monitoring my creative process! I canNOT be restricted and reigned in! A writer must write! (A beggar must beg!) Pfffft!

I can’t help I’m so cute that people want to feed me. It’s the cross I must bear.

Well, anyway, as a member of the Club, those are ALWAYS your benefits. But the winery’s gonna give you a little extra love. For the next 4 weeks, (September 15-October 15) you wine squirrels (those of  you who love to buy lots and stock it away for those days you can’t be here with us in person) are going to be in your glory! Stock up on 1-2 cases and save 25%, 3 or more cases 30%. And I hear this is the time to stock up because a bunch of new wines are in the process of being released. Harvest time is also release time! Woof!

Sweet Riesling on it’s release day. Lots of wines coming out in the next few weeks. It’s like a Debutante Ball around here this fall!

I’d of course like to take this opportunity to ask you to consider spending some of that savings on treats for us. I will remind you that I am very very cute, and Max is very very noble and will dance. And we are both very very hardworking and deserving of treats.

Geez louise. Dad said if I don’t knock off the virtual begging I’m going to lose my computer privileges for me AND Max. I can’t let that happen. Max likes to stay in touch with all the cuties that come to visit him on Twitter (@MaxnRubie) and he’d ring my neck if I lost that means of communication for him. So I better lay off.

Max, who met Logan this summer, told him that HE gets first crack at all the 4-legged cuties. Just laying down the ground rules.

Molly came to dance with Max (whose exhausted bootie is on the left hand side of the pic). Looks like she wore the old boy out! Woof!

But I do have one more food thing to talk about. So I guess I’m going to have to take my chances. I wish Dad would find something else to do and stop standing over my shoulder. I’ve GOT to believe those flippin cats are up to something no good.

Well here we go…

There’s this new thing in the Finger Lakes called the Finger Lakes Food Revolution. And basically what it is is getting behind all of us who work so hard to create fresh, local foods and beverages and help establish the Finger Lakes as the top Farm to Table culinary scene in the world.

The Finger Lakes Food Revolution is here and we’re part of it!

Well one of the things they’re doing to get the word out about our great cuisine on a whole is hosting the first ever Finger Lakes Foodie Awards. And right now, til the end of October they’re taking nominations.

So here’s where my begging skills will come in handy Dad…

Please nominate your fave Americana wines in the beverage categories. And nominate the Café and all their wonderful local dishes in the restaurant categories.

Here’s a QR code that will take you right to the page…

Scan the code to nominate us for a Finger Lakes Foodie Award on your phone!

…or you can go to and hit the Nominate tab to vote as it were. You can also vote at Cork & Fork this weekend if you’re going. And their Facebook page takes nominations too!  So show a winery and café a little love and get in some nominations for us! Thank you. (See Dad, how do you like me now?)

Well I guess that about wraps it up and just in time for food too. It’s been a beautiful afternoon, so I’m going to go grab a little din-din and then go for an early evening swim.

Hmmmm. Where the heck IS Max? He better NOT be eating MY dinner!

Must run…

Is that Max heading for MY dinner??? Oh I think not!

Rubie and Max the Terpsichorean 

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