Trick or Treat!

By: max n rubie

Oct 19 2012

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Woofies darlings. Rubie here, with Max. Sorry we’ve been a bit quiet the last few weeks. Been a bit preoccupied with eating. Quite simply.

All decked out for the feeding frenzy that is October around here!

Max and I have been in full gobblin’ mode is because there are so many great food things going on! Like last weekend we kicked off our WHEY LOCAL SATURDAYS. You can rest assured Max and I had a hand – err paw rather – in getting a local cheesemaker in the second Saturday of each month for the next year! We started with Kenton and his terrific brie, and Max and I scored lots of delish samples. (We’ve got them wrapped around our paw, I must admit. I think it’s my longing glances that does the trick.)

Indie came all the way from Disneyland to visit us. We made sure he scored some cheese from Kenton!

Next month, Vanillen Dairy will be here with their Morning Glory, which is a nice soft chevre-like cow’s milk cheese that spreads beautifully on dog cookies. (Just wanted to point that treat out to you, in case you were looking for new ideas for our snackies, and planning on coming in that day.) I haven’t personally tried to snack-scam Sarah yet, but pretty confident in my abilities to get some cheese out of her. Seems like a nice lady, and nice ladies are generally very kind and giving to me and Max.

Max says I keep giving away too many of our secrets, so I’ll move on…

Next week is Finger Lakes Restaurant Week — from the 22nd to the 29th — and again the food goddesses of the Café have created a full menu of seasonal, local dishes for the event! Max and I have been VERY busy taste testing all the goodies they’ve come up with. And I will tell you, Max looks a little chunkier because of it. He says me too, but I tell him I’m pleasantly plump and I always have swimming (for a wee bit longer this year) to work off the extra calories. He says he has dancing, so let it go and stop making fun of his weight gain. Whatev. He’s a bit touchy today.

Me waiting to start my taste testing shift at the Café. It’s the one job I’m NEVER late for.

So I wanted to give you the 100% pup-approved menu for Restaurant Week, so you can make your reservations. And of course let me just put the reminder out there, that should you find yourself faltering to finish your harvest feast, both Max and I are available for plate cleaning.

So here are all the treats…

– Baquette Crostini with Red Pepper Relish and Vanillen Dairy Chive Morning Glory cheese
– Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

– Kale & Potato Stew with Cornmeal Dumplings
– Bellwether Cider Braised Pork with broccoli, mashed potatoes and cider jus

Caramelized Apple Cornmeal Cake with vanilla ice cream
When I tell you there is not a thing on this special menu that I would turn down, I mean it. Now I know what you’re saying, “Rubie, when do you ever turn down food?” Woof, not true! I am more particular than you think.
It’s just Chefs Jen & Lindsay always make wonderful culinary creations, so it just seems I never say no. And that reminds me,  you need to nominate their culinary creations for a Finger Lakes Foodie Award! And the winery too! Ask for a ballot when you come in. If you need some coaching on what to nominate, just ask Max and I. We’ll be glad to lend a paw. Or you can nominate them online right now if you want!

Beware of the glowing eyes! They hyp-mo-tize you into giving us your food. I warn you only because there really is no escape! Bah-ha-ha-ha-ha! (We’ve even given the cats the power, which has proved to be a mistake on our part.)

Anyway, once Restaurant Week winds down, we have our favorite holiday party! Next Saturday night is our 10th Annual Hallo-wine Spooktacular from 8pm to the witching hour (midnight). Max says it ends at the witching hour in honor of me because I’m such a witch. I’m a good witch though, casting trances over visitors to acquire treats for myself AND MAX — he’d better remember that before he starts slinging names!
Anyway the costume theme this year is Gods, Goddesses and Monsters, so I hope you’ve been working on your get-ups. Max and I have been very busy on ours. Here’s a preview of what we’re thinking…

Max chose Frankenstein so he could dance the Monster Mash.

I’m thinking of coming as Edesia, the Roman Goddess of food and wine. Seems obvious no?

As you can see, Max’s costume ideas are very simple, because he doesn’t want to be weighed down. Because this night is a dance fest! We’ll have the DJs of Elephant Sound from Ithaca spinning tunes, so Max wants me to tell you to make sure your costume includes dancing shoes, because he’ll be asking you to dance with him.

Lucky & Bear came to dance with Max last weekend. Bring your four-legged family members to dance with him this weekend!

My favorite part of course are all the delectable treats from the Café! They’ve been cooking up a storm of snack ideas for us. I mean, uh, you. (Listen we all know how this is going to play out. You’re going to go to the food bar and load up a plate, and when you look down, there I’ll be giving you my hypnotic look. And before you even know what hit you, that food will be off your plate and in my tummy. So let’s not pretend it’s going to go any other way, shall we?)
Dads said to remind you there’s a costume contest and lots of games and prizes all night. And they’ll be doing special tastings of their new Lemberger wine, which they’re debuting at the party! They suggest you make reservations in advance by calling the winery at 1.888.600.8067.

This bottle of Barn Raisin Red is coming as Medusa! Even the wines are in the spirit of things. Haha! Get it? Wine? Spirits? WORK WITH ME PEOPLE!

But that’s next Saturday. This Saturday we have another one of our fave treats here! Maria’s Baklava! This stuff is to die for! As far as I’m concerned Maria could take up residence here! Have you tried it yet? Woof woof woof!! Come in and try it. And of course feel free to give Max and I a taste!

Maria of Maria’s Baklava back by popular demand — Mine & Max’s! — this Saturday!

Also this weekend we’ve got some great tunes. Max will be warming up for the Halloween party on Friday night with the Yardvarks from 6-8.

The Yardvarks from one of their summer appearances! Max looking forward to shakin his tail to them this weekend!

And then again on Sunday with Dave Raducha from 4-6. Now that it’s chilling down, chances are we’ll be in the cozy small barn. But who knows, if the weather surprises us with a warm burst, we’ll try to get out into the Pavilion for one more gig. I like it when we’re outside, because then it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the pond for me to get in a quick swim. I can’t believe swimming season is almost over already! Ugh!!!
Well speaking of which, guess I better go take advantage of this gloriously warm fall day and take a dip. So we’ll see you this weekend, right?

Max holdin down the fort while I go get in a late season swim.

Woofies all!
Rubie and the big guy

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  1. This is fantastic, I love it…..

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