Woofin it Up!

By: max n rubie

Nov 07 2012

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Focal Length:6.774mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot A4000 IS

Woof out from the winery on Election Day all!

Max here!

Rubes sez it’s too cold to get up, so she’s sleepin in the car waitin for Dads. That leaves me in charge of the blog. Which I’m cool with.

Hey, want to thank everyone who came to the Hallo-Wine Spooktacular! Seal girl and I scored huge snax that night and we want to thank you for your generosity! I personally loved the cheese and crackers, where as Rubes snubbed the crackers but was all over some of the cooked finger foods the goddesses of the Café turned out.

Gettin our treats on for tricks. Look at me beatin Rubie to the punch!

Here’s somethin I never thought I’d live to see. Rubie turning her nose up at snax!! (Actually she was watching the kids from the Café bringin in yet another heapin tray of goodies.)

The place was decorated to the nines…

We always go all out for Hallowine ’round here!

Everyone carved pumpkins Wednesday night for the party! Didn’t they do a great job? PS –STILL waiting for them to roast all those pumpkin seeds! YUM!

I even had my own pumpkin! Great likeness isn’t it? – Max

and the joint was P A C K E D!

Birdseye view of the food. I mean the revelers!

Tuff to get on the dance floor, but I did a few turns up there to Elephant Sound! They played some awesome dance music that I couldn’t help but shake my tail to!

Big Bird tryin ta save me a spot on the Dance Floor! That’s the 12 foot tall Grim Reaper in the background!

I thought it would be fun to share some of the sights from the par-tay. Got tons of pix!

Dad with Big Bird! Rubes and I have a special place in our heart for animal themed costumes! Rubes says she also has a special place in her tummy for poultry themed food!

The winery kids were all decked out for the hootenannie!

Rubie when she’s hungry? Nah. Our banshee for Hallowine. Heh

The Grim Reaper and friends!

A fuzzy dinosaur among the gods & goddesses!

Alas, Restaurant Week is over too, but bow-wow-wow did Chefs Jen & Lindsay turn out some spectacular food for that! Again, I wanna thank everyone who came to that and saw fit to give her highness and myself some nice treats!

Some of the lunch treats from this fall’s Restaurant Week! Is it any wonder we packed on the pounds?

I think I gained a few pounds that week fer shur. And one look at Rubie tells you she did too! Haha!

See what a solid week of eating can do to you? Or as Brendan says, she’s the spawn of Dog & Seal. Hahaha! Woof – Max

Well, we’ve got a few days to diet before Sarah VanOrden of Vanillen Dairy gets here Saturday with her yummy cheese. It’s part of our WHEY LOCAL program with the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail. The second Saturday of each month a cheesemaker comes to talk about their cheese. The kids in the winery put together wine & cheese pairings (I understand that the Baco is the red choice and the Apparition is the white choice to go with Sarah’s Morning Glory cheese), and wine & cheese specials.

Have you met the newest member of the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail yet? It’s Sarah VanOrden of Vanillen Dairy and she’ll be here Saturday to tell you all about her delish cheese, her farm and her process.

I don’t need no wine with my cheese tho. She can just drop a tub of that right on the floor and I’ll chow down on it all by itself. Fun little fact, her cheese, which is a chevre-like cows’ milk cheese, is named after her Matriarchal cow, Morning Glory. I love that. I think we need somethin here named after our Matriarchal cow, like Red Rubie Wine. Hahahaha! (Glad she’s sleepin and not seein that crack.)

Also the Café is creating a special dish featuring that month’s cheese. So they’ve come up with a Morning Glory Quiche for Sarah’s cheese. And I’ll tell you, as part of the taste testing committee, two paws up!

The taste testing committee. Which way to the food?

Listen, before I ride with Dads to the voting polls, I want to let you know who’s play here this weekend. We’ve got Tru Bleu on Friday from 6-8. They’re a new band for us and I hear they have a very rhythm and bluesy, soulful sound. Good for swayin to. (Plus they kinda sound like a cheese, don’t they? Which is a theme I see developing for the weekend — WOOF!)

Tru Bleu. Playin Friday. Sing it sistah!

And then on Sunday from 4-6 we’ve got my buddy Dave Raducha. He’s also a good guy to sway to! So come dance with me in the small barn!

Dave R at his last appearance. I’m getting ready to dance. Rubie’s gettin ready to snax scam. (Note her strategic placement at the feet of her mark — I mean guest.)

And while you’re in the small barn, be sure to check out the pretty pix from artist Jack McCallister, this month’s featured artist. Rubie’s just a hair insulted he didn’t take a pic of her. I tried to explain he does beautiful landscapes and lakescapes, but she doesn’t get it.

This month’s featured artist Jack McAllister with his gorgeous photography on canvas. This pic doesn’t do them any justice. Wait til you see em in person! Bow-wow!

And by the way, don’t forget to bring your four-legged family members when you come! We love makin new friends, and quite frankly can use their help on the greeting committee. A few minutes of training, and they’re ready to go! Plus it gives Rubie another mouth to scam snax for. And I loves to see her work the room. Ya gotta give the girl props. She’s very good at it. But YOU know. Woof.

Gina & India came in to help out at the door in costume during Hallowine week! Seriously cute girls! WooF! Max

Oh, and before I go, I know Joe N. groupies need your fix. So here’s a pic of him in his Halloween uncostume with his beautiful daughter. And if you’re wondering where to find Joe N. this week, you’ll find him Thursday night at Terra Cotta in Binghamton for the Art Mission benefit, Friday at Northside Wine & Liquor in Endicott, and Saturday he’ll be at Lighthouse Liquors in Elmira.

Like father, like daughter! Joe & Krista!

So I’m gonna sign off and hop in the car, push the Seal out of the front seat and wait for Dads to go vote. You do the same!

Rubie already claimed — and is napping in — the front seat for our trip to the voting booth. Dads thought she was going over the deliveries. Not so much!

See ya this weekend! And hey if you have any pix of me and Rubes, we’re lookin for pix for our kids book that we’re writing. Send em to americanawine@gmail.com!

Woof Out!

Max and the Land Walrus

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