Gobble Gobble – Now THAT’S what we’re talking about!

By: max n rubie

Nov 16 2012

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Woof out from the winery! Max here!

I’ve got the blog this week, because, believe it or not, Rubie’s actually busy working. (Okay not hard. And actually more in a consultative role really.) She and Brenda are overseeing the decking of the halls around here just in time for Holiday Shopping Spree this weekend!

The girls conferring on decorating the winery. Rubie: Is that bulb near the top of the peak out? Brenda: Good eye Rubie! Oh, Joe, I know you just put the ladder away, but…

Of course, in addition to the tons of decorations we’re putting up around the winery, everyone thinks it’s just “precious” to dress up Rubie and me for the Holidays. I thought we got over this on Halloween, but apparently not so much. I will be checking our contract when I’m done with the blog. I thought our obligations were limited to holiday themed collars. The folks around here are really starting to take liberties. Just sayin.

Helpin Dad get Rubie into her holiday best. Haha! Actually I’m taking the hat. She’s stuck with the ridiculous antlers. How da ya like me now sistah?

So why is everyone so crazy? Well remember how many decorations we had for Hallo-wine? They’ve all gotta come down and all the Holiday stuff has to get up in time for this weekend. Plus they’ve been crazy around here with the release of 5 new wines. I hear the winery kids referring to them as the “Fab 5” and they want to make sure people know what they taste like so they can bring them home for Thanksgiving, which seriously is next Thursday! NEXT Thursday!!! Where does all the time go??? All I knows is I’m droolin just thinkin about it!!

The FAB 5 (new releases in time for Turkey Day):
Chardonnay: Bone dry with pear tones. Perfect with every course!
Semi-Sweet Riesling: Starts sweet & full, finishes with all the zest of a Riesling.
Lemberger: Currants & Pomegranate, festive. The wine that will bring out the flavor of your side dishes.
Gewurztraminer: Fabulous, full & feisty. On it’s own or with turkey.
Cab Sauv: If Peppercorn & Cherry got married, their lovechild.

Of course the Café is busy gettin all their holiday-themed dishes prepped. So that’s some yummy taste testing for me and the Walrus. The kids at the Café wanted me to make sure I gave you some of their pairing suggestions as well. They think Revolutionary Red is a great Thanksgiving wine because of its cranberry tones. And they also like the Cayuga White with its unimposing fruitiness with any cheese boards you might serve before the bird comes out. Bird. Cranberries. Cheese. I’m reeling here from just the thought!!!! Next Thursday can NOT get here quick enough as far as I’m concerned! And I know Rube-monster is in 100% agreement with me on that one!

But there is tons goin on round here before Thanksgiving! Starting of course with some serious dancing action Friday night with a new group for us called The Guilty. They play country rock with a mix of blues. Totally danceable. Hopin for a little Skynard. Loves me my Skynard! Got a little strut dance I do to them whenever they play. Sweet!

The guys from The Guilty. I hope management told them they have to bring obligatory treats for me and Rubie when they play.

Anyway, they’re here from 6-8 Friday night. Then of course Saturday begins the first weekend of the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail’s Holiday Shopping Spree! And of course, we’re a starting winery, so people will be picking up their cool wreath here, along with our ornament. Plus, the Café will have their special holiday treats ready to go! (Feel free to sneak a few to Rubie and myself!) And we’ll have Chris Xaver Spices here too so you can stock up on your spices for mulled wine, turkey and stuffing and of course my fave Pumpkin PIE!

Waitin on you! See ya this weekend!

Then Sunday! Brunch oughta be a mad house with it being the second day of Holiday Shopping Spree and people getting primed for Thanksgiving week. I’m thinking there will be TONS of “treat receipt” opportunities for us! Then one of my faves, The Purple Valley comes in to chill things out with their brand of dancing blues and old time rock from 4-6 Sunday afternoon! And I’ll just say, I will be dancin my tail off this weekend so I have lots of free calories available for Thanksgiving!

Purple Valley from one of their summer appearances. So psyched they’re back!

But I’ll tell ya, things aren’t just crazy around here. This weekend is Pride of New York Harvest Fest at the Desmond in Albany. Joe N. and his band of merry makers will be heading there for the event. It’s gonna be a great way for our Capital District friends to get hooked up for Thanksgiving, and the rest of the holiday season, so I’m happy about that. But kinda sad they won’t be here to slip us snax this weekend, but we’ll turn on the charm and get extra snax from our visitors! (Yes I’ll wear the hat if I have to. But if I have to wear the hat, Rubie has to wear the antlers, and I can tell you she is NOT a fan of those!)

Hahahaha! She’s never looked happier!

And of course, Rubie and I have to finish up our first book. Dads have put us on deadline. If we don’t have the first draft done by Thanksgiving, no turkey and stuffin for us! And I’ll not be having any of that. So I gotta keep cracking the whip on Rubie so we get this done!

Waddya think? Our working cover. Not for nothin, but I make a pretty fine lookin old man, dontcha think?

Listen, I gotta bolt. All this food talk has made me famished, so I’m gonna mosey over to the Café and see what’s shakin. But I wanna give ya the heads up that we probably won’t be bloggin next week because we’ll be in a food coma (if all goes according to plan). So a very happy Thanksgiving. Be safe, be thankful, be with the ones you love!

Woof Out!

Max & Rubie the Caught-Red-Handed Reindeer

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