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Woofies all!

Your Rubie here! Max is busy greeting at the winery, and he’s been riding me to get a blog post out. I reminded him we’ve been just a bit busy finishing up our children’s book! Yup that’s right, we’re all done! Yay!! So exciting! I think I just might be the next Emily Bronte. Max said writing one sentence about the poser cats does not a literary genius make. He also reminded me that since he had to write so many of my parts (some days a girl’s got better things to do than write) my name wasn’t even on the cover of this one. Pish posh! I know I contributed and that’s all that matters. And he does too even though he seems loath to admit it.


Anyway, like I said the book is done and we’re having a Book Release Party at the Winery on June 1 — all day! And you are all invited! Humans, kids and most importantly poochies! I’ve been utterly engrossed planning this party, and honestly that’s where I shine, perhaps more than with the pen. So if I’m not the next Bronte sister, I do believe I am the next Martha Stewart.

I’m so excited to tell you all about what we’ve got planned for the party!!

So it will go from noon til eight. And we’re going to have groomers and pet friendly vendors there with all kinds of goodies available for your pooches. Like you know our friends Whiskey and Rye (from Twitter) whose Mom runs that great project, The Collar Lab, where she sells collars and donates to local rescues? Well, she’ll be there selling her beautiful collars and donating a portion of the proceeds to our  local rescues!

Your 4-legged buds are always welcome here, like Yogi who came to visit last week. He looks like a mini-Max doesn't he?

Your 4-legged buds are always welcome here, like Yogi who came to visit last week. He looks like a mini-Max doesn’t he?

Yup that’s right! And we’re going to have those four rescues there all day, talking about pet adoption and their programs. We’ll have the Cayuga Dog Rescue, Pet the Pet Program, Seneca County SPCA and the Browncoat Cat Rescue (yes even poser cats need loving homes and Max and I love all animals, we just get annoyed by some).

Our queen of the poser cats! We may tease em but we love em!

Our queen of the poser cats! We may tease em but we love em!

Ok, so that seems pretty terrific right? HAH, I’m just warming up! We’re taking donations ALL DAY for those local shelters and rescue programs! So bring pet food and pet supplies and the rescues will be taking all these much needed supplies home with them when they leave! So the more you bring, the more you help.

And what do you get for your donations you ask? Aside from an incredibly warm fuzzy feeling, for each dollar’s worth of donations you make, you’ll get a ticket! Yay it’s going to be like a carnival! The tickets can be used for all kinds of cool, fun things, like wine tastings, custom wine labels (where they’ll take a picture of your pooch, kid or even you if you’d prefer and put the label right on your favorite bottle of wine)! Seriously how fun. Plus you can use the tickets for face painting for the kids, caricatures and even for the Chinese Auction. So the more donations you bring, the more tickets you get and the more you help our 4-legged friends. And if you forget your donations, you can still buy tickets for a buck each, and the money we’ll divvy up between our four rescues!

So what are some other things going on you ask? Yes, there is more (as I am the quintessential party planner and want to make sure there’s stuff for everyone to do). Well, we’ll have live music for everyone who likes to dance – kids, adults, dogs. And you know Max will be out there shaking his tail! So you can tango with him if you’d like.

Max getting ready to let loose on the outdoor dance floor last summer!

Max getting ready to head down to the outdoor dance floor and let loose last summer!

Specifically for the kiddies, we’ll have kids movies with fresh popcorn in the small barn. And I’ll be honest that’s where you’ll likely find me. Because kids+food=spillage=snax. You know I’m right!

Then we’re going to wrap up the day with a Wine & Cheese Reception from 6-8, complete with a silent auction and more live music. And wait until you see some of the amazing pet-friendly prizes you’ll be able to bid on. Our Brenda and Patty (our scribes on the book by the way) have been very busy rounding up wonderful items! So you’ll want to stay for that!

And then of course, the reason for the whole party — the BOOK! We’ll have a limited first edition run available for sale the day of the party and when you buy a copy, a portion of the sales will go to our charity rescues. PLUS Max and I will be signing them! Yes you read correctly! You’ll have to come to the party to see how we plan to do that!


And there are so many cool parts to the book too. There’s the story, but then there are coloring pages for the kids and a homemade dog biscuit recipe from our very own Chef Jen from the Café (which by the way, we’ll have the day of the party for your 4-legged friends to try!)

All in all it’s going to be the 4-legged social event of the year so you might want to make travel arrangements now, because well honestly I’d be a tad insulted if you missed it, and Max well he’d be just plain hurt. So for those of you who do NOT know where our winery, Americana Vineyards Winery is, it’s in the Finger Lakes, on East Covert Road in Interlaken which is just a hop skip and a jump from  Ithaca. But if you want more details, directions or to talk to me directly, you can call the winery at 607-387-6801 or watch the Facebook page (Americana Vineyards Winery) for updates. I’ll be honest, I seldom take calls because I’m a busy girl, but I have wonderful staff who will field your questions. (What? You think Martha Stewart does it all on her own, without staff. Oh, don’t be naive!)


Speaking of busy, I really should bolt because it’s Friday, and that means Friday Nite Pizza Party. Max is excited because Blue Skies is playing tonight from 6-8 and he loves them. I’m excited because Chefs Jen and Lindsay just announced the 3 pies and they sound fabulous! Last week our marketing chick was here and I basically scammed her whole pizza. I’m hoping she’ll be here again , or at least another equally easy mark (I mean um kind person, yeah, yeah, that’s what I mean).


Plus we’re a bit short handed around here this weekend so Max and I have got to put in the time. Our Joe N. is on the other side of Rochester doing a pouring in Spencerport tonight. Ryan and Brendan are off to Long Island for A Taste of Flight Wine Expo at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City for the weekend. And then Joe and Bekah are off to Utica on Saturday for the Utica Wine & Chocolate. Plus Dads have to go out of town tomorrow, so it looks like Max and I are going to have to run the show! Of course we’ll have some wonderful human assistance, but we’re going to busier than bees around here this weekend! Which of course doesn’t mean we won’t have time for you if you come in to see us! Max and I always have time to schmooze and mooch!


So let me get back too work!

Woofies to all!

Rubie and Max (aka F. Scott Fitzgerald)

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