Dog Gone Busy!

By: max n rubie

Aug 10 2012

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Woof out from the winery all!

Max here, barkin out a quick blog before the storm hits. Yes it’s gonna rain today, but I was referring to the storm of events we’ve got comin up this weekend. And me just recouping from last weekend and all! Had lots of visitors despite the heat, which was ungodly! But still lots of fun. However, I’m still wiped! Woof!

Rosie came to dance with me last weekend. Look at those sweet moves! Woof! – Max

We’ve got FOUR offsite appearances that’s gonna keep the Road Team busy fer shur starting tonight with the I ♥ NY Nights tonight and tomorrow night at the CNY Regional Market in Syracuse. This is a celebration and sales event of New York goodies. There’s gonna be beers, wines (ergo us), foods and music. Brendan and Candace will be rockin out the Americana booth from 5-9 today and tomorrow. Swing by and tell them to pick up some samples of other stuff to bring back for me and Rubes.

Not only is Brendan a great event host, he makes a mean slushie!

Speakin of Rubes, I assume  you’re wondering where she is. Well, she got in a bit of a snit last week after I went after her about the Rip Van Winkle crack and is currently boycotting this job duty til I apologize. I told her forget it! Not happening. So she’s down sulking at the pond. She said she needed some “her time.” I asked her, politely enough, when isn’t it “her time” and well things just escalated from there. I know she was just manufacturing a fight to get out of work and go swimming, but like I said, she’s a kid, so I’m gonna let it slide. Again. However I certainly want Dads to bring up this insubordination in her annual employee review. That’s gotta have some sort of bearing on her snax quota from Dads.


Rubie sulking. But please note her wet, matted fur. Sulking apparently is code for swimming in her twisted little world. Woof! — Max

Anyway, you probably know this weekend is Riesling Festival in Canandaigua. And we’re helping to kick off the festivals at the Rendezvous for Riesling at the New York Wine & Culinary Center tomorrow night. It’s a tasting event from 7-10, and we’ll be highlighting our Dry and new Sweet Rieslings there. If you haven’t had a chance to try the new one yet, swing by and get a taste from Travis who will be manning that show. The winery gang is still posting folks tasting notes on the Facebook page, so you can still get in on that if you want! Quite fun!

Look for this guy at the Rendezvous with Riesling in Canandaigua Friday night! Ask Travis if he can spin those wine bottles like Tom Cruise did in Cocktail. Oops showin my age there! Woof! – Max

Saturday and Sunday is the North Country Wine, Beer & Food Festival in Ogdensburg. This is always a great fest and our Ryan is steering the ship on that one. He’s bringing the newest member of the team with him, JF. Rubie and I just brought JF on board because he passed the “Treat-o-meter Test.” Before we let Dads hire anyone new, we work potential team members for snax. All casual like. If they don’t toss a little somethin somethin our way, they get the “Paws Down.” But JF got the big “Welcome Waggin” for showin us some edible love early on. And then ,of course, Dads go and send him out of town instead of letting him stay here so we can ingrain that habit into his psyche. Ah well there will be time for snax training after the weekend I suppose, but geez, really hate to lose momentum. This kid’s got great potential as a partner in forbidden feedings! So hopefully he’ll read this and bring us back some snax from up North (hint hint). Woof!

Ryan and JF will be at the North Country Wine, Beer, & Food Festival in Ogdensburg this weekend. Couple a great kids. JF, bring back snax!!

So, I’ve been going through all the events, and I know you’re wondering, “But what about Joe N.? Where’s Joe N.?” Heh heh. Well I’ve saved his event for last. Joe N. is heading the team at America’s Grape Country Wine Festival in Dunkirk this weekend at the Chautauqua County Fairgrounds. He’s taking his daughter Krista and Ashley Mattingly with him to man (and woman) the Americana Booth up there. Joe and I have already had a heart to heart about this event. As it’s being held at the Fairgrounds, I have to assume there will be fried dough and funnel cakes in the vicinity, and I would greatly appreciate him bringing me back a heapin bagful of those bad boys. And unless, her High Walrus loses her tude, ALL for me!! Hahahahaha! Woof! (The threat of withholding fair food ought to snap her right around!)

Where in the World is Joe N? This weekend he’ll be in Dunkirk! Stop by for a bit o the grape and a flash o the smile!

Listen I’m not saying the food around here isn’t phenomenal, because it SO IS! In fact just this past week Chef Lindsay created another one of her masterpieces for the Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty Harvest Dinner at Geneva on the Lake. Did you see the pic? I’ll put it here so you can drool over it with me. But it was a sweet corn bisque with a tomato/basil relish. It was so good! (You may recall I was her taste tester as she was developing the recipe.) And she, Chef Jen and their team are ALWAYS coming up with great, hearty, delicious food for the Cafe. I’m not denying that. I’m just saying, once in a while a pooch likes a little junk food of the County Fair variety. That’s all. No disrespect at all ladies! In fact I’ll be comin over to inspect the weekend specials just as soon as I’m done here, and I can’t wait!

Chef Lindsday’s Sweet Corn Bisque with Tomato Relish was a hit at the Culinary Bounty Dinner Monday. She swears there were no leftovers for her to bring back to me and Rubes. Not pleased with THAT answer! Glad I got to try some before hand!

Now, you might be saying to yourself,”Well geez Louise, it seems like there’s going to be no one at the winery this weekend!” Wrong-o-reno. There will be tons of us here — most importantly me and Rubie of course — and we ALWAYS look forward to our weekend visitors! And this weekend, more than usual, we NEED you to come visit! With many of our secret snax sneakers out of town, we need your help to score food! Come in. Drop crackers in the tasting room, scraps from your plates at the Cafe, or bring special snax with you. It’s all good! And necessary. Have you seen us lately? We’re getting too skinny and we need more food!! (Okay that’s an absolute flagrant lie, but I was on a roll! -Woof!)

My best “Feed Me Before I Faint” look. Good, no?

We’ll reward you for your kind culinary contributions with two fabulous concerts too! Friday night we’ve got The Yarkvarks from 6-8. You know you love em! So come on down! Just be a bit “clumsy” with your food and we’ll take care of all your little “spills” for you.

The Yardvarks at our 4th of July BBQ Bash! Everyone loved em. Even the kids!

Then Sunday, Dave & Leann Reynolds are here! Again spill, drop, or blatantly hurl food to the ground for Rubes and I. We’ll be all over it. WOOF!

Gary and Leann when they were here in June! Sunday’s supposed to be nice, so they’ll be right back in that spot in the Pavilion again at 4!

I will also remind you that should you NOT willingly give us food, we will scam it from you with our hypnotic eyes and smooth moves. So there’s no sense resisting. It will go easier on everyone if you just come to the winery with the understanding that you will feed us, without protest or hesitation.

Look deep into my glowing eyes and repeat, “Let me feed you Max, Let me feed you Max, Let me feed you Max.”

So I’m gonna head over to the Cafe and hypnotize the gang there for some snack-action. I can see from here, the Seal is still out by the pond sulking. Oh wait! She’s wet!! Sulking my left paw! She’s been swimming. Absolutely shameless that one!

So much for sulking huh! But she sure is a cute little rascal! I can’t even stay mad at her.

Ok, I better go down to the pond and have a little chat with her and THEN go get a snackie. I’m such a softie! And she’s just so dang cute. What’s a fella to do?

And on that note, see ya this weekend! Until then, repeat this over and over to yourself until you feel very sleepy…

I MUST feed Max n Rubie. I MUST fee Max n Rubie. I MUST feed Max n Rubie…

Woof out!

Max (The Pushover) and Rubie (The Pushee)

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