While the Dads are away…

By: max n rubie

Aug 24 2012

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…we WILL play! (Or goof off. WhatEVer!)

Woofies all! Rubie here! With Max!

We’ll both be handling blogging duties this week, as there is definitely something we want – no NEED – to address!

Perhaps you’ve seen this sign around the winery? Well we hadn’t. Until someone pointed it out to us!

R U kidding us with this??? This is COMPLETE RUBBISH!

This is ludicrous. Pure propaganda! Absolute lies! Our stomachs are NOT sensitive. In fact we pride ourselves in having the stomachs of goats! We can and WILL eat just about anything! (As long as it tastes good! And pretty much EVERYTHING around here tastes good!) We don’t do chocolate or wine, but beyond that, everything’s pretty much fair game.

Someone obviously disregarding that ridiculous sign, for which Max & I issue a heartfelt THANK YOU!

So anyway, as you may know, Dads are on va-cay this week and we are using the time to get out the word that this sign is to be IGNORED and DISREGARDED at all times. We thrive on the kindness and snacks of others. Max and I aren’t sure, but we believe this one innocuous little sheet of paper is directly responsible for us not getting a larger amount of hand outs! And isn’t it convenient that it’s up high, out of our line of vision! (And ability to rip it down with a good paw swipe!)

Doh!! This sign explains the sudden downturn in snax! — Max (Giving my best look of disgust, might I add.)

So we ask three things of you, our dear Distributors of the Snax:
1. Please don’t take this sign to heart. It is a blatant attempt by management to get me to lose weight. Hmmph!
2. Should you spot this sign on your next visit, do not hesitate to remove it and hurl it violently into the trash!
3. Keep giving us snax. We luv em, live for em, can’t get enough of em!

So if you’re coming this weekend, aside from the Great Snacking Debate, there are a few other things you should be aware of…

1. Do not feed the cats! They are not us, no matter how they try to pass themselves off as greeters. We are incredibly tired of them trying to get in on our action.

BEWARE! One of these greeters is a poser!!! Don’t be fooled!

Have to be on our game ALL THE TIME with these cats around here!! Beat it!

2. Bring your dogs for us to play with. Because not only do we love to eat, we love to make friends to share our snacks with!

Trixie baby, you are one cutie patootie! Tweet me @maxnrubie! Woof! – Max

Bella! A girl right after my own heart. Right under the table working the humans for snacks. You GO girl! Woof! – Rubie

3. Feel free to dance with Max either Friday night with Mark Freeman from 6-8 (acoustic so more of a slow dance thing) or Sunday afternoon with Purple Valley (more rock-n-rolly, tail shaking kind of music)! He’s dyin to get his dance on this weekend! Or just come roll in the grass with me if you don’t feel like dancing!

We’ll show you our food scammin moves from the ground up this weekend! Like this ultra cute move I have of rubbing my head and covering my eyes. The crowds love this one and it generally garners us lots of snax (DESPITE the sign)!!

4. Saturday is the Summer Open House for the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail, and like last time, we’ll be hosting Kenton’s Cheese Co. from 10-5. Our understanding is they’re doing a nice special where if you buy his brie cheese with a bottle of Chablis, Cayuga White or Revolutionary Red, you’ll get that whole deal package for 20% off plus they’ll thrown in some crackers to boot. Now why this is important to us should be clear, but in case it’s not, we’ll prompt you here, “WE LOVE CHEESE & CRACKERS!” So we’ll make you a deal, you buy the combo and save a bunch of money, then head out to the back lawn for a little picnic and we’ll join you. Now we don’t want ALL your cheese and crackers, but a little gratuity for giving you the heads up on this screamin deal — in the form of a piece of cheese on one cracker for each of us — will work. Plus, the Cafe is featuring his cheese in a bunch of dishes this weekend, so we’ll be happy to clean your plates for you should you find yourself in a position of not being able to finish your meals on your own.

This is the guy (and his mom) who will be doling out the delicious cheese on Saturday. After you score a deal from him, feel free to hook up me and Rubes! – Max

Okay, so that’s what’s shakin around here this weekend, but we thought you’d be interested in a fun little factoid about what Max & I have in the hopper. We are actually spreading our literary wings and starting to write children’s books about our role as winery caretakers! We’re digging this blog thing, so we thought we’d like to do more writing and gear it towards the kiddies, our fave snack providers! We’ll keep you posted as to the progress of that project. It’s probably going to take a bit of time because we’ll have to work it in among our many other duties around here. But ooooo, it’s going to be fun!

Okay, I really must run. It’s a gorgeous day and the pond is calling my name! See you tomorrow night in time for the band! Remember, rip down the sign, ignore the cats, bring the kids and the dogs, and feed us liberally at every opportunity!

Me. Swimmer. Greeter. Food Scammer. Author. Is it any wonder I’m always hungry?

Woofies all!

Rubie and the Grand Man, Max

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  1. I love these letters! you guys crack me up… posers. lmao

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