A Paws in the Action

A big woof out from the winery everyone!

Max here! It’s a beautiful fall day and Rubes isn’t ready to give up swimming yet, so she’s down in the pond flopping around like a tuna in a net. And smellin like one too I might add. Sure you laugh. But you don’t have to sleep downwind of her.

Anyway, just thought I’d take a few minutes and bring you up to speed on all the Harvest-time happenings around here.

Brendan and Butch bottling and labeling the Lemberger. Wait til you find out how we’re debutin it!

As you know, fall is not only Harvest time which keeps everyone jumpin, but it’s also event time. Last we spoke the gang was off to Cork & Fork, Altamont Apple & Wine Fest and a bunch of other places. Oh, and I’d like to report darn few doggie bags came back from these feeding frenzies either! It’s like Rubie and I are talking to ourselves when we put out these requests!

But, Finger Lakes Restaurant Week is coming back for Fall. It’s October 22-29, so our already locavore menu will have extra special items on it for that!

Mark your calendars for Finger Lakes Restaurant Week, October 22-29! There will be extra special local dishes on the menu that week. Rubes and I would appreciate you donating a small portion of those dishes to our favorite cause: our dog bowl. Thank you in advance!

And don’t forget you can nominate Crystal Lake Café for Best Locavore Menu for the first ever Finger Lakes Foodie Awards too during Restaurant Week too. Plus they’ve got dishes eligible for Best Locally Sourced Entrée, Side Dish and Dessert (like the one below) too. All I ask is that you give me and Rubes a little nibble so we can nominate too!

Chef Jen’s desserts are homemade, like this Sorbet Trio, with many ingredients locally sourced. Give the Cafe a nomination or two for their great locavore creations!

September and October is Harvest Hooplah on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, where a lot of the wineries on the Trail have special harvest going-ons. Here at Americana we’re doin our part with a bonus concert every Saturday night in September, and then wrapping up the whole thing with our 10th Annual Hallo-wine Spooktacular on October 27th.

Hallowine Spooktacular is October 27, 8 to midnight!

It’s our fave event around here because it’s a Halloween Costume party and we love to see what everyone comes dressed up as! This year’s theme is Gods, Goddesses & Monsters in case you wanna start planning your costume now.

Last year’s theme was Cartoon Characters. This year is Gods, Goddesses & Monsters.

I told Rubie she should come as the Loch Ness Monster given her love of water. She told me she was already a goddess and therefore didn’t even need a costume this year cuz she could come as herself. I told her she’s naturally a monster, so wouldn’t need a costume for that either. She told me to go take a long walk off a short pier. Hmmph! I am concerned her ego is gettin a little overinflated and am going to have to take steps to correct that.

She thinks she’s a Goddess. I think she could be the Creature from the Black Lagoon! Woof! – Max

I’m still thinkin on my costume. Wanna do something that plays up my distinguished gray muzzle. Maybe Zeus or Thor. What do you think? I actually like the idea of being monster and was thinkin I might be able to pull off  a werewolf. Got the teeth for it. But Rubie says I’m not fierce enough and should go the distinguished route instead of the scary route. Well, we’ll see. Still time to figure it out. Oh but listen, if you’re thinkin of comin to the bash — and you should cuz it’s always the best time! — you’ll need to RSVP by calling the winery at 888-600.8067. We’ll give you all the gorey details about what’s going on in the next few weeks, but wanted to give you the heads up to start planning your costumes.

Our September Saturday Night Bonus Concert Series wraps up this Saturday. And we’re playin out the series with one of my fave bands, Purple Valley. They’ll be here from 6-8 Saturday for my — I mean your — dancing pleasure. Hoping we can all dance together actually. And please bring the kids cuz I loves dancin with them especially if they have food in their hands. They get spinnin around and that food goes flyin — right into Rubie’s or my mouth! Yum!

Purple Valley, from one of their tail-waggin, paw tappin appearances here this summer!

Also as you know by now, Rubes and I love it when you bring your four-legged family members to hang and dance and scam food with us too! And if they felt like helping us shoo those pesky poser cats out of the winery when they try to sneak in and hone in on our action.

Cooper came in for a visit! Good lookin lad.

Speakin of 4-legged friends, our Joe N. is going to represent us at the Humane Society Wine Tasting & Silent Auction Benefit at Terra Cotta in Binghamton Sunday from 4-9. We love supporting animal causes, cuz — despite our complaints — we’ve got it darn good around here and want to help out other animals who aren’t so fortunate. So if you’re in the Binghamton area Sunday, get a ticket and go help out our furry friends. And Joe’ll hook you up for lending a hand.

Beck came to visit from Rochester. What makes our new buddy even more special is that he’s a rescue dog on top of being an all around great guy. Great help at the door and in our food scammin!

If you’re going to be around here on Sunday, stop by the Café for brunch from 11-3 or the winery for music by John Dean and Friends from 4-6. Sunday afternoons around here are always fun and laid back. And we love the company. Plus, we love the brunch food at the Café and would love the opportunity to separate you from some of your scraps!

Love pannies!

Of course a Finger Lakes weekend always starts here on Friday evenings for some Café fare and music from 6-8. This week Blue Skies is the band, and they’re another one of my faves. I love dancin to them. And Rubes sez their music is so mesmerizing, that she can easily slip food off peoples’ plates without them even noticing! She is a crafty one, that Seal.

A nice bottle of Sweet Rosie, a little snackie from the Café and some tunes from John Dean & Friends is a pretty great way to spend a fall Sunday afternoon. Don’t forget to edible tip your greeters. Just sayin.

Oh Ryan wanted me to tell you that if you can’t get down here this weekend from Rochester, come see him Saturday at Lisa’s Liquor Barn in Penfield. He’ll be doing a tasting there from 1-4. Rubie wants to go with him cuz she’s dyin to go swimmin in Lake Ontario. I told her she’s nuts. That Lake is too big, and we’ve got 11 Lakes for her to swim in right around here. Not to mention her own private pond out back. She said she’s tryin to expand her horizons. I told her she’s just lookin for an excuse to get out of her greeter duties around here. I’m on to her games. So don’t worry, if you come in Saturday to visit us, she’ll be here. She’s not goin to Rachacha. She’ll be on the door, where she belongs. Can you imagine?! A busy fall weekend and she wants to go to Rochester for a dip? Pfffftttt! I don’t think so! This is our busy time and she will be pulling her weight around here — of which she has a substantial amount of — like the rest of us!

The Loch Ness monster spotted on the shores of Cayuga Lake. hahaha woof!

And on that note, I see a bunch of folks pullin in on this beautiful afternoon so I’m gonna go say How Do. Then I gotta help Joe N. pack up his car cuz he’s off to Binghamton for a pizza and wine tasting tonight at Traditions at the Glen.

Joe N. workin his road show mojo at Stems & Steins in Old Forge last weekend.

So I’ll see ya over the weekend. And start thinkin about your costumes!

Woof out!

Max & Nessy (see it works! please tell her that would be a great costume for her if you see her this weekend!)

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